3 Best Wine Dog Toys That Your Pup Will Surely Enjoy

Wine dog toys are excellent memorabilia for any wine connoisseur dog parent out there.

They’re not only showcasing your sophisticated taste, but you’re also telling others your love and connection with your furbaby is top shelf.

Everyone knows that a bottle of wine symbolizes celebration, companionship, and a good life.

But, if you’re wondering why you should buy a wine dog toy, you should consider these reasons.

Reasons why you should buy wine dog toys for your precious pup

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1. They’re unique

There are so many stuffed toys for dogs in the market, so there’s so little variety to be had amongst these.

Most, if not all, that you see in the market have very generic designs like dog bones or simply another dog.

These wine bottles can catch the eyes of others with their classy and fun design that your four-legged best friend will enjoy.

2. They’re fun for your dog

Stuffed toys are one of the bestselling dog toys on the market, and that’s so for a reason.

Dogs love to snuggle and playfully chew with these toys for hours on end, even to the point of bringing the stuffed toy anywhere they go. Even more so if the stuffed toy has some extra functions like a squeaker.

They’re worthwhile investments that would reveal your furbaby’s smile with minimal effort.

3. They’re extremely adaptable and easy to use

Unlike complicated toys, you simply have to give the wine dog toy to your dog as you see their faces immediately light up.

They’re also safe enough to be brought about anywhere and are easily washable for reuse.

4. They’re photogenic

One of the most memorable and enjoyable moments as a dog parent is when you can take photos of your pup and document them in all their cuteness.

That’s why it’s not at all surprising if you already have a photo album of every moment of your precious furbaby.

This is also why wine dog toys are an excellent addition to your collection since it’s one of the few dog toy designs that helps highlight your dog’s suave.

3 of the best wine dog toys your pets can enjoy

1.) Happy Hour Crusherz - Wine Three Pack by Zippy Paws

Happy Hour Crusherz - Wine Three Pack by Zippy Paws

One of the things a dog owner might notice is that dogs just get ecstatic whenever they hear the sound of a crunchy water bottle. That’s how this product came to be.

You just have to insert an empty plastic water bottle into this wine dog toy to complete your furbaby’s playing experience.

Also, you don’t only get a free empty water bottle for immediate use, you also get a squeaky water bottle cap.

You can now have an enjoyable time with your adorable pup as they happily dance around every time you twist and turn the squeaky cap. There’s also the Spirits Three Pack to look out for: vodka, whiskey, and tequila.

If you don’t want the whole pack, you can just get one of these wine bottles like the Merlot 2011 Red Wine.

2.) Halloween Happy Hour Crusherz - Halloween Three Pack by Zippy Paws

Halloween Happy Hour Crusherz - Halloween Three Pack by Zippy Paws

Spice up your festivity with these on-trend wine dog toys that embody the spookiness of Halloween.

All designs are of classic Halloween essentials.

You can dress your dog as a Frankenstein who brings around their favourite drink. You can also dress them as a charming witch or warlock who’s running around with black magic at the tip of their mouth.

The Halloween Three Pack operates the same way as the previous wine dog toy item, but it’s something you can rely more on this coming Halloween.

If you don’t want the whole pack, you can just get one of the wine bottles like this Frankenstein Wine.

3.) Wine Mini Dog Toy's – 3 Pack by Fringe Studio

Wine Mini Dog Toys - 3 Pack by Fringe Studio

If you’re the witty wine lover type, these designs are perfect for you and your dogs. These cute wine dog toys are quite the best at showing cleverness, fun, and sophistication, all at once.

Anyone who sees your dog playing with these toys will immediately catch on to the charms of your furbaby. From the amusing wine puns to the simple yet elegant design, these are more wine dog toys that your lovable doggo will surely love.

How often should you wash wine dog toys?

The average frequency is once every two weeks to get every gunk and bacteria out of the bottle dog toy as a standard health safety measure.

But, in actuality, how often you should wash your wine dog toy depends on how much your pooch has played with it.

If they played with it as they soaked in muddy puddles, or if some gunk somehow got attached to the toy, then you should clean it immediately.

Always remember to not fall for the pleady, cutesy eyes of your adorable pooch and get it cleaned ASAP. Their long-term well-being is more important than their short-term satisfaction.


Wine dog toys are a must-have for every oenophile dog parent out there.

You’re not only showcasing your broad expertise and excellent taste to others, but you’re also making your furbaby’s life more fun and satisfying.

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