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Ever wondered if you need to buy a Huskimo dog coat for your pups?

Huskimo dog coats are the perfect dog protection for the harsh winter season.

They are especially useful considering the last few years' record-breaking days of freezing winters.

These conditions are already challenging enough for humans. So, can you imagine how much more for your precious furbaby?

That’s why we have to ensure that our winter preparations will keep our pups warm and cozy this winter.

And so, to start with, let’s answer the age-old question…

Does your furbaby really need a winter coat?

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Yes. There’s no other way around it.

Your dogs need a winter coat.

While some breeds may feel the cold more than others do, the fact remains that they do get cold in the winter.

In fact, snow doesn’t have to fall on the ground for your pup to get chills.

This is especially true if your dog comes from a breed that doesn’t produce much hair.

That’s why it’s also best to remember that you shouldn’t trim your pup’s hair in the winter since it’s their natural protection against harsh weather.

But, to know what kind of winter coat best suits your furbaby, you have to consider the following:

  1. Age – Young pups are more vulnerable to the cold than adult ones.
  2. Health – Dogs with health issues also tend to suffer more from the effects of cold weather than healthy ones.
  3. Weight – A bit of fat is good since they help insulate the cold and keep your dog warm. Bear in mind, however, that too much could also cause health issues.
  4. Coat type – Those that naturally grow longer hair may feel warmer in the winter than dogs that don’t.
  5. Coat colour – We all know that dark colours absorb light, which could be enough to help your furbaby keep warm.
  6. Conditioning – Dogs nurtured in colder climates are more accustomed to the cold weather. This gives them a much easier time during the winter.

Benefits of a Huskimo Dog Coat

1. A Huskimo dog coat keeps your animals warm and safe from the winter frosts.

The warmth you get from a Huskimo dog coat is inspired by the concept of Huskimos’ ability to resist the cold.

In case you aren’t familiar with the breed, Huskimos are a crossbreed between a Siberian Husky and an American Eskimo.

Because of this, any Huskimo dog coat promises a warm, cosy, and safe winter for your furbaby.

The inner layer of these dog coats is made from Subzero Microfleece that is lighter, warmer, and more breathable than standard market fleece.

2. Huskimo dog coats are built with odour protection features.

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With a Huskimo dog winter coat, you can rest easy that your pooches won’t smell like anything else other than their cute and adorable selves.

That’s because the Huskimo dog coats are produced using a non-toxic antibacterial coating that reduces odour-causing bacteria.

3. Huskimo dog coats are stylish.

If you’re a dog lover and an avid fan of nature, you’ll love knowing that the vivid and beautiful colours of Australia were actually what inspired the Huskimo dog coats.

Not only are your pups cosy and smell-free during winter, but they’ll also be furry fashionistas.

3 Huskimo Dog Coats For Your Pups

1. Huskimo Summit Pro Dog Coat

dog wearing a Huskimo Summit Pro Dog Coat

Keep your furbabies warm and odour-free with this dog winter coat!

Designed with reflective hi-viz piping that keeps them visible and safe,  this Huskimo dog jumper is perfect if you’re planning to go on a mountain summit adventure.

Its adjustable chest and waist straps make it easy for you to secure your Fido while remaining comfortable.

It also features sub-zero micro-fleece lining for extra insulation and protection against the cold.

Not only that, but the Huskimo Summit Pro Dog Coat also comes with weatherproof fabric and a waterproof and tear-resistant exterior. So, you can have peace of mind that your pups would remain protected regardless of the cold.

It’s machine-washable, too, so need to worry about that score.

2. Huskimo Gangsta Coat

Huskimo Gangsta Coat

This streetwear Huskimo dog coat is what your pups will need if you like seeing them strut their tough selves around the neighbourhood.

This dog winter jumper is not only fashionable but will also keep your tough-looking furbaby cozy on the inside.

Its main fashion feature includes the gold bling that you’ll find in its pocket.

It also has a removable hoodie that you can put on your Fido, depending on the situation and occasion.

Aside from being weatherproof and water-resistant, it also has a thermal layer that will keep your Fidos extra warm.

3. Huskimo Cardrona Coat

dog wearing Huskimo Cardrona Coat

On the other hand, if you prefer a milder design that will still garner adoration for your furry friends every now and then, then this is the Huskimo dog coat of your choice.

It has pockets that you can put keys and treats in as you travel around with your four-legged companion.

And as with all Huskimo dog coats, it has a Subzero Microfleece inner layer that still makes it breathable and warm for your pups.

But what makes this dog winter coat a bit different is that it’s contoured across the waist to fit your pups.

It also has a gathered neckline that reduces water ingress even when you’re out on rainy walks.

So, which Huskimo dog coat suits your pups best?

dog wearing a coat

You can never go wrong with buying a Huskimo dog coat.

Apart from being stylish and warm, they’re also manufactured in a way that’s sustainable for the environment.

But if none of the designs above speaks to you and your furbaby, then Huskimo dog jumpers might be what will tickle your fancy.

You can also browse our store for more Huskimo dog coat products.

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