Zach’s Pet Shop was born from our best friend Zach, or Zachary when he’s being naughty! Zach came into the world back in late 2016 and met us in early 2017. His mother was a pure-bred pug and his father a pure-bred French Bulldog which makes him a frug. We had to search long and hard to find a special pup like him. We ended up driving 10 hours to pick him up in Newcastle, in Northern New South Wales. He was the cutest pup that fit into our hands and was very quiet on the way back to his new home.
The Day We Got Zach
Fast forward a year and Zach decided he wanted to do something constructive with his down time and Zach's Pet Shop was born. He loves chatting to our customers and packing the orders. He also gets jealous when he doesn't get to play with all the toys.

Zach's Pet shop is different from the rest, we have a wide range of products at great price points, great Australian based customer service and flexible payment options. 

We love going above and beyond for our customers, so if there is something specific you are after then please do not hesitate to contact us. We’re always here to answer any questions you may have.
Zach's Pet Shop Team
The Zach's Pet Shop Team 
(L to R - Zach, Ash & Brad)