Freeze Dried Dog Treats - Are They Really Any Good?

If you're a dog owner, you know that there are a lot of different types of dog treats on the market. With so many options, it can be hard to decide which type is best for your pup.

Freeze dried dog treats are one option that has gained popularity in recent years. But what are freeze dried treats, and are they any good?

Keep reading to learn why freeze dried dog treats are one of our best selling products and to help decide if they are right for your pooch.

Are they are right for your pooch

How are Freeze Dried Dog Treats Made?

To make freeze dried treats, you first must freeze raw ingredients. This is typically meat but can also be fruits, vegetables or grains.

The frozen ingredients are then dried out by being placed in a vacuum where the pressure is lowered and heat is added. This process is called sublimation and will remove 95% of water.

Are Freeze Dried Dog Treats Still Raw?

Yes, freeze dried treats are classified as raw treats. They are not cooked in any way, they have just had their moisture removed through freezing.

This means freeze dried treats are packed full of flavour, making them very popular for dogs.

It also means freeze dried treats have the nutritional benefits of a raw diet including being easier to digest, helping to keep teeth clean, and providing relief from food allergies.

Many people believe raw treats are better for dogs because they are more natural.

Better for dogs because they are more natural

How Long Do Freeze Dried Treats Last?

In their packaging, freeze dried treats usually have a shelf life of around 18 months. Check the packaging for the expiry date.

Once opened, store your freeze dried dog treats in either their original resealable packaging or in an airtight container.

Place them in a cool, dark and dry place to ensure they stay fresh for as long as possible. If stored correctly, opened treats typically last for 30-60 days.

Do I Need to Refrigerate Freeze Dried Dog Treats?

No, you do not need to refrigerate freeze dried treats.

They are naturally preserved during the freeze drying process, helping them to last a long time without refrigeration. To extend their shelf life, store them in a dry, dark and cool place.

Best to store them in a dry, dark and cool place

Do you Add Water to Freeze Dried Dog Treats?

Freeze dried dog treats are designed to be fed to your pet dry. This gives them a delicious crunchy texture. It also makes them easy to break up into small pieces for dog training.

If you prefer, you can rehydrate the treats using warm water. This will be messier and probably smellier, but your dog may prefer it.

Do not rehydrate freeze dried food in advance - add water right before you serve it to your dog and then treat it as you would treat raw food.

Are Freeze Dried Treats Healthy?

Freeze dried dog food is a healthy treat option for dogs. This is because they are raw and have not had any of the nutrients cooked out of them.

The freeze drying process means they do not require harmful artificial preservatives to be added. Compared to many other treats on the market today, raw treats are higher in protein and lower in sugars.

Their minimal number of ingredients means they are easier to digest and lower in allergens.

When eaten in their dried state (and not rehydrated with water), their hard texture helps to clean your dog's teeth and prevent dental problems.

Freeze dried dog food is a healthy treat option for dogs

How Many Freeze Dried Treats Should I Feed my Dog?

It is important to understand the difference between freeze dried treats and freeze dried food. Freeze dried dog food is designed to be fed daily as part of meals.

Comparatively, freeze dried treats are higher in calories and designed to be fed only in moderation. Feeding your dog excess treats can lead to weight gain, joint issues, dental decay, and shortened life expectancy.

Treats should make up no more than 10% of your dogs daily caloric intake. Seek advice from your vet about how much your individual dog should be eating.

Are Freeze Dried Treats Good For Dog Training?

If you train your pets using the positive reinforcement method, you will need to provide a reward each time your pet does a desired behaviour.

Trainers have found the most effective reward is food! Freeze dried foods make the ideal rewards during dog training. They are high in flavour, meaning your dog will value them and work harder to earn them.

They can easily be broken into bite size pieces. This makes them easy to keep in your pocket during training and give small sections to your dog at a time.

Keep in your pocket during training

Are Freeze Dried Treats Suitable for Puppies?

It is recommended you wait until puppies are 3 months old before feeding them freeze dried treats. This is because freeze dried products are raw and have a higher chance of containing bacteria that can make puppies sick.

Once puppies are old enough, only feed them freeze dried treats that have been broken into bite-size pieces that are easy to chew.

Because freeze dried foods are both tasty and healthy, they make excellent training rewards for older puppies.

Is Freeze Dried better than Dehydrated for Dogs?

Freeze dried treats are made by rapidly freezing the ingredients, then removing all of the moisture through sublimation. This produces an incredibly nutritious snack, since many vitamins and minerals remain intact.

This method also retains maximum flavour and a nice crunch. In comparison, dehydrated treats are heated at very high temperatures which can cause nutrient loss.

It can also make treats taste more bland and become hard to chew. All things considered, freeze dried treats are a healthy and tasty alternative to dehydrated treats.

Tasty alternative to dehydrated treats

Is Freeze Dried Dog Food Hard to Digest?

Freeze dried dog treats are easy to digest because they are raw. Raw food naturally contains enzymes that assist with digestion.

When food is cooked, these enzymes are removed, making digestion more stressful on your dog's body.

This means that raw treats are more suitable for dog's with sensitive stomachs. And on the plus side for you, they help your dog do smaller poos that are less smelly!

Best Freeze Dried Dog Treats

We now know freeze dried treats are a healthy option that dogs love. But there are so many options on the market - which one do you choose?

Freeze Dried Australia Pet Treats

Freeze Dry Australia

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All ingredients used are high quality and nutritious, so you won't have to worry about giving them something bad for their health.

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