What are Enrichment Toys for Dogs? A Guide for Owners

What are enrichment toys for dogs, you might ask? Well, they're not just your average chew toy.

These cleverly designed playthings serve a greater purpose - to stimulate your dog's mind and satisfy its natural instincts.

If you've ever seen your dog show signs of boredom or restlessness, chances are they could do with some mental stimulation. That's where enrichment toys come in handy.

Aussie pet owners know the importance of keeping their pups entertained and engaged. But it's not always about physical exercise; sometimes, it’s about challenging them mentally too! 

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What are Enrichment Toys for Dogs?

Enrichment toys are interactive toys designed to engage a dog's brain and provide mental stimulation. Dogs instinctively seek cognitive stimulation, and these toys are a great way to satisfy that need. 

Also known as interactive feeders or puzzle toys, these gadgets go beyond standard chew toys and encourage mental agility and problem-solving skills.

Most enrichment toys are treat-dispensing, where your dog must work out how to get out goodies hidden inside.

They are a great way to offer your dog mental stimulation without you being involved, making them an ideal choice for dogs left home alone during the day.

Benefits of Enrichment Toys for Dogs

Enrichment toys are a vital component in maintaining your dog's overall well-being. These interactive feeders mentally stimulate your dog's brain, leading to a myriad of benefits:

Better Behaviour

A top-notch enrichment toy will keep your dog's mind busy and prevent boredom. This will naturally minimise destructive behaviours such as digging up the garden, chewing on furniture or continuously barking.

Don't punish a naughty dog! It is more effective to redirect their destructive tenancies towards a puzzle toy instead.

Problem-Solving Skills

Enrichment toys encourage dogs to use their problem-solving abilities to access treats or rewards. This aids cognitive development and memory. 

Dogs with improved cognitive development are easier to train and less likely to have behavioural issues long-term.


Engaging in play with enrichment toys can help reduce anxiety and stress levels.

The distraction of a puzzle toy can be very beneficial in soothing dogs with separation anxiety.


Interactive toys encourage dogs to entertain themselves. This can be helpful if you only have one dog that is left home alone while you go to work each day.

Senior Dogs

Interactive toys are suitable for dogs of all ages. Many older dogs are unable to engage in exertive physical play due to reduced mobility, limited eyesight or arthritis. Puzzle toys are a great way for elderly dogs to be mentally stimulated and still have some fun!

Recognising Under-Stimulation in Dogs

Just like humans, dogs too can feel the brunt of boredom and restlessness if they aren't mentally stimulated enough. Recognising these signs early on is crucial to their overall happiness and well-being.

Destructive Behaviour

Destructive behaviour often serves as a red flag that your dog might be under-stimulated. This commonly comes across as chewing inappropriate items around the house such as shoes or furniture. 

If you're coming home more frequently to chewed-up belongings, it's high time you introduce enrichment activities to your pup.


Barking excessively without any apparent reason may signal a lack of mental stimulation in dogs. 

While occasional barking is normal canine behaviour, continuous vocalisation needs attention. 

Involving Professional Help

If your dog still seems under-stimulated and is displaying destructive behaviours, despite trying different strategies, you may need to contact a professional trainer for personalised advice.

Look for someone that teaches group dog training classes as these can be particularly stimulating for your pooch.

Early intervention helps nip problematic behaviours in the bud, ensuring happier, healthier pets long term.

Top 5 Dog Enrichment Toys

Not all dog toys are equal! Some stand out from the group for their ability to captivate and amuse our furry pals in a manner that's both enjoyable and advantageous for their psychological well-being.

The key is to choose enrichment toys made specifically for bored dogs.

Our top dog enrichment toy picks are:

1. Sniff'A'Bone - All For Paws 

The Sniff'A'Bone is a great enrichment toy for beginners. Hide treats or dry food in the silicone mat and encourage your dog to get them out.

It also can help slow down meal times and is a positive outlet for digging.

Sniff'A'Bone - All For Paws

2. Enjoy the Meal - All For Paws

Enjoy the Meal is a puzzle toy designed to keep your dog focused and mentally stimulated as they sniff and search for treats. 

Suitable for advanced pups, it encourages dogs to flip open or slide compartments to find goodies hidden inside.

It has handy suction cups on the base to keep it in place.

Enjoy the Meal - All For Paws

3. Dog Tornado Level 2 - Nina Ottosson

If your dog enjoys a challenge, the Dog Tornado might be what you need! This unique toy features 4 levels that spin to reveal 12 hidden treat compartments. 

Due to its advanced nature, you may need to show your dog how to access the compartments. Start by leaving some open at first until he gets the hang of it.

Dog Tornado Level 2 - Nina Ottosson

4. Sunflower Sniffer Mat - All For Paws

A snuffle mat tops many lists as an ideal choice for stimulating your pooch mentally while also catering to its natural instincts.

Dried treats or kibble are hidden among fabric strips where they must sniff them out. This type of activity encourages natural behaviours such as scavenging whilst providing hours of entertainment. 

The Sunflower Sniffer Mat has a cute floral design and allows you to adjust the size using a built-in belt.

Sunflower Sniffer Mat - All For Paws

5. Treat Hider Lizard - All For Paws

Treat Hider Lizard is a great enrichment toy if your dog enjoys plushies, as it has a soft head, legs and tail. Its body is made from rubber and has a hollow centre for hiding treats.

This will keep your dog busy as it paws, nudges and bites to release the hidden reward.

Treat Hider Lizard - All For Paws

Offering the Best Interactive Dog Toys

Offering your dog a toy for mental stimulation goes beyond just choosing a toy off the shelf. There are other things to consider too:

Tailoring Activities For Your Dog

The key to enrichment lies not just in providing your dog with a puzzle toy, but choosing one that aligns perfectly with their individual preferences and intelligence level.

If you have a smart breed, such as a Labrador, you may need a puzzle toy that involves more skill to keep them occupied. The Smarty Paws Puzzler encourages your dog to slide, rotate and flip sections open to find treats.

The size of a toy also matters. Small playthings pose choking risks for large breeds whereas oversized ones could strain or injure smaller pups.

For safety reasons, always choose enrichment toys made specifically for dogs.

Maintain Your Dog's Toys

Routine maintenance of your pet's favourite items plays a crucial role in preventing accidents. Check interactive feeders regularly for signs of wear and tear. Loose threads on fabric items or cracks on hard plastic ones shouldn't go unnoticed.

If any damage is spotted, replace the item immediately as broken parts could lead to accidental ingestion causing serious health complications.

If your dog ingests a toy, seek immediate attention from a local emergency veterinary care center or an animal-specific poison control hotline.

Clean Well

Treat dispensing toys will need to be cleaned after each use, to remove any food residue stuck on them. This is important to remove any harmful bacteria that could cause illness.

For rubber toys, rinse them in warm soapy water then dry them thoroughly. Some rubber toys are dishwasher safe but you should refer to the toy manufacturer for advice on this.

Fabric treat mats can be hand washed in warm water. Similarly, some may be machine washable but always refer to the label first.

Monitor Their Play Sessions

Supervise your dog the first time he plays with a new enrichment toy, ensuring he doesn't chew on the wrong parts or destroy it too quickly. 

Some toys may have small parts that could pose a choking hazard or be harmful if ingested. Supervising ensures your dog doesn't chew on or swallow any inappropriate components.

Train Your Dog

Start by offering your dog simple treat mats and show him how to use them. If the toy has compartments, leave them open so your dog can see what to do.

Gradually introduce more challenging food puzzles as your dog becomes adept at solving them, keeping the excitement and engagement levels high during playtime.

If your dog is mastering a puzzle toy too quickly, you can make it harder by putting the toy up on a higher surface, hiding it in another room or adding frozen treats that are harder to get out.

Ian's Tip: 

When it comes to dog toys, safety is number one! Choose size-appropriate toys and keep an eye out for wear and tear. And don't forget - supervision is important when you introduce a new toy.

FAQs in Relation to What Are Enrichment Toys for Dogs

Why do dogs need enrichment toys?

Dogs require enrichment toys to stimulate their minds, reduce boredom and anxiety, and curb destructive behaviours. These toys also promote physical activity and problem-solving skills.

How often do dogs need enrichment?

Dogs should have access to various forms of mental stimulation daily. This can include interactive playtime with owners, walks in new environments or regular access to different types of enriching toys.

Are chew toys enrichment for dogs?

Chew toys offer some mental stimulation, particularly if the owner joins in on a game of tug-of-war or fetch. However, puzzle toys will provide a much higher level of enrichment.


Enrichment toys for dogs are more than just playthings, they're essential tools to keep your furry mates mentally stimulated and content.

Customer favourites such as snuffle mats, puzzle toys and stuffed KONGs provide unique challenges that keep our four-legged friends engaged while also catering to their natural instincts.

Safety is paramount when choosing enrichment activities - always opt for those specifically designed for canine use.

If your canine is displaying signs of lack of stimulation, consider increasing the amount of enrichment activities. Remember too that older dogs can greatly benefit from these brain-boosting pastimes!

Zach's Pet Shop is passionate about keeping pets happy and healthy across Australia, offering an array of quality enrichment toys tailored to your dog's needs. So why wait? Give your best mate the gift of fun-filled learning today!



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