What are the Ten Most Indestructible Dog Toys?

What are the ten most indestructible dog toys? This is a question that many Aussie dog owners ask us.

The quest for durable, long-lasting toys can be quite challenging, especially if your furry mate is an aggressive chewer.

But fear not! In this post, we'll uncover what are the ten most indestructible dog toys available in Australia to keep your pup entertained and satisfied.

Benefits of Indestructible Dog Toys

When it comes to choosing toys for your beloved canine companion, opting for indestructible dog toys offers a multitude of benefits. 

One of the most significant advantages is the long-term cost savings they provide.

Unlike regular toys that quickly succumb to the powerful jaws and playfulness of your dogs, indestructible toys are specially designed to withstand even the most enthusiastic chewing sessions.

This means you won't have to replace toys frequently, saving you money in the long run.

Investing in durable, high-quality toys is also safer for your dog. You can feel comfortable leaving your dog alone with a toy without worrying about it ingesting chunks of plastic and resulting in an expensive trip to the vet for you.


Is There Such a Thing as an Indestructible Dog Toy?

It is important you remember that no toys are ever completely indestructible. 

Pet parents should always supervise their dogs the first time they play with new durable toys, to make sure they really can handle power chewers. 

Regularly inspect toys for damage. If damage occurs, either repair or replace toys promptly.

1. KONG - DuraMax Ball

Made from extremely durable KONG-crafted K-100 material, this toy stands up to even the worst toy destroyers. It is rated as one of the toughest dog toys on the market, suitable for German Shepherds, Pit Bulls and Siberian Huskies.

The squeaker adds to the fun and keeps dogs engaged for long-lasting chew or fetch sessions.

Besides being fun, it's also beneficial for maintaining your pup's dental health by cleaning their strong teeth while they enjoy their playtime.

Best Features

  • Flexible yet durable
  • Textured surface and ridges for added engagement
  • Great for playing fetch
Kong - DuraMax Ball

2. Ruff Play - Dental Ball

If you're in search of indestructible dog toys for your tough chewer, look no further than the Ruff Play Dental Ball. This durable rubber toy is designed to withstand even the toughest dogs.

The unique shape and textured surface not only provide an extra challenge but also help clean your pup's teeth and massage their gums.

Safety is paramount; hence it's crafted using non-toxic materials that won't harm your pet if ingested accidentally during playtime.

Best Features

  • Cleans your dog's teeth as it chews
  • Durable, non-toxic rubber
  • Perfect for playing fetch together
Ruff Play - Dental Ball

 3. Zippy Paws - Zippytuff Teetherz Elliot The Elephant

Finally a match for those sharp puppy teeth!

This durable yet flexible teether is designed for puppies to chew on, helping soothe those sore new teeth.

It features a TPR elephant and a strong rope, making it perfect for playing tug-of-war.

Don't think this cute teether is just for puppies either - it is also suitable for adult small-medium breed dogs.

Best Features

  • Helps teething puppies
  • Cute elephant design
  • Rope section for extra fun
Zippy Paws - Zippytuff Teetherz Elliot The Elephant

 4. Ruff Play - Foam Treat Ball + Tennis Ball

The clever Foam Treat Ball + Tennis Ball is the ultimate toy for anyone whose dog has destroyed their tennis ball.

The durable foam covers the tennis ball, helping it to last longer and keep its shape.

It's super bouncy and it even floats on water, making it perfect for a game of fetch at the beach.

The TPR foam is soft on teeth and gums. It has small indents in the foam, suitable for hiding small treats in. 

Best Features

  • Long-lasting tennis ball
  • Bouncy
  • Floats in water

 5. KONG - Squeezz Action Ball Red

The KONG Squeezz Action Ball Red is a top-notch choice for pet parents seeking indestructible dog toys. Made from durable TPR rubber, it's designed to withstand the sharp teeth of power chewers.

Each pack includes 3 balls, perfect for pups who always lose their toys.

The Squeezz Action Ball has 2 different textures and an embedded squeaker, making it entertaining. Plus it's extra bouncy!

Best Features

  • Pack includes 3 balls
  • Squeaker inside
  • Multiple textures across each ball
KONG - Squeezz Action Ball Red

6. Ruff Play - Fetch & Tug Ball

If you're searching for indestructible tug toys that can withstand the ultimate game of tug-of-war, look no further than the Fetch & Tug Ball.

It is a durable rubber ball attached to a tough grip, making it perfect for playtime with your pup. The rubber is long lasting yet gentle on your dog's teeth, preventing any injuries from rough play.

And even better - it floats! Making it perfect for a game at the lake or the beach.

Best Features

  • Perfect for tug-of-war
  • Floats on water
  • Durable yet gentle on teeth
Ruff Play - Fetch & Tug Ball

7. KONG - Puppy

If you're a pet parent to cheeky puppies, the KONG Puppy is an ideal choice.

It is customised for tiny puppy teeth, with its small size and gentle lines. 

Just like the KONG Classic, KONG Puppy can be filled with treats to help keep your pup entertained for hours. Mental stimulation is just as important for physical stimulation, helping to keep dogs happy and out of trouble.

It can also help teach puppies appropriate chewing behaviour, for lifelong good habits.

Best Features

  • Keeps naughty pups busy
  • Gentle on teeth and gums
  • Teaches appropriate chewing behaviour
KONG - Puppy

 8. KONG - Squeezz Crackle Stick

If your pup loves interactive dog toys, the KONG Squeezz Crackle Stick is a top choice.

It is shaped like a stick, ideal for throwing and fetching.

When bent or twisted, the Crackle Stick makes a crackling sound. This fun noise is designed to engage your dog and is what makes this toy truly unique.

It is very sturdy, with its bendable material making it difficult to destroy.

Best Features

  • Makes a fun crackle sound
  • Available in 4 sparkly colours
  • Stick shape makes it suitable for throwing
KONG - Squeezz Crackle Stick

 9. Ruff Play - Dental Bone

If you're on the hunt for the toughest dog toys, look no further than the Ruff Play Dental Bone.

Combining playtime and oral care, the Ruff Play Dental Bone is designed to clean your dog's teeth as it chews. The different-shaped grooves work to scrape plaque off your dog's teeth, saving you money on dental care in the long run.

This dog bone shaped toy is made of premium quality rubber so is extra rough for playing.

Plus it is hollow in the middle, making it suitable to hide treats inside for added excitement.

Best Features

  • Cleans your dog's teeth as it chews
  • Treat-dispensing toys
  • Premium quality rubber
Ruff Play - Dental Bone

10. MONSTAARGH - Green 'Flick'

If your pet loves plush dog toys but destroys them in minutes, this is for you! 

The MONSTAARGH range are all soft toys on the outside. But on the inside, instead of stuffing, is a tough rubber ball.

The rubber ball has gentle spikes on it, for a fun and easy to grip texture. These tough plush toys also have a squeaker inside for extra fun.

The Green 'Flick' is the ultimate toy for both cuddle time and play time.

Best Features

  • Soft material on the outside
  • Durable rubber ball on the inside
  • Fun monster character
MONSTAARGH - Green 'Flick'


What is the hardest dog toy to destroy?

The KONG DuraMax Ball is the toughest chew toy at Zach's Pet Shop. It is suitable for large dogs and extreme chewers. 

What is the most durable dog toy material?

TPR (thermoplastic rubber) is a long-lasting synthetic material. Chew toys made from TPR are durable, flexible and safe for pets. They can withstand large breeds, sharp teeth and heavy chewers.

Is there a dog toy that doesn't break?

No squeaky toys are completely unbreakable but KONG's Squeezz Action Balls are designed to be highly resistant to aggressive chewers.

Why does my dog destroy his toys so quickly?

Some dogs are naturally strong chewers and simply enjoy ripping their toys apart. Other dogs only resort to destruction when they are bored and desperate for mental stimulation. Extreme chewers are more likely to rip squeak toys apart as their high pitched noise can awaken the instinct to hunt in your canine.


The ten most indestructible dog toys include a variety of materials from tough TPR rubber to durable nylon rope, each designed with your pup's entertainment in mind.

Durable dog toys offer something for every chewer out there, with rope toys, soft toys, tug toys, squeaky toys and balls all featured in our list.

We also found brands like Ruff Play and Zippy Paws leading the pack in toughness while KONG dominates with its range of indestructible options.

If you're tired of constantly replacing destroyed playthings or just want to give your furry mate a challenge they'll love, Zach's Pet Shop is here ready to help!

We stock these top-notch, virtually unbreakable dog toys because we know how important it is to keep our pets happy, healthy, entertained and saving owners from unnecessary expenses. 



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