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As the scorching Australian summer rolls in, our furry companions need relief from the sweltering heat. Dog cooling mats are a great solution, absorbing your pet's body heat to cool them down.

In this blog, we explore the world of dog cooling mats, their features, and the top options available in Australia to keep dogs cool.

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Understanding Dog Cooling Mats

Keeping our four-legged mates cool during hot Aussie summers is a must, and pet cooling mats are an excellent solution. Cooling mats work by absorbing body warmth from your pup, thereby reducing their temperature.


Unlike humans, dogs can't sweat. That’s why you often see them panting – it's their way of trying to get rid of excess heat.

Cooling dog mats give pups an extra tool for keeping cool, acting like personal air-conditioners. The moment your dog lies down on the cool surface, he starts feeling cooler straight away.

Cool pads can also help dogs sleep more soundly and ease health conditions such as joint pain.

High temperatures can cause heatstroke in dogs, a potentially life-threatening condition that cool mats help to prevent. 


When purchasing a pet cooling mat, consider the following features to keep your pet cool:

  • Size of the mat
  • Type of material used
  • Durability
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Cooling mechanism
Australian Dog Cooling Mat
Ian's Tip: 

If your dog seems unsure of its new pet cooling mat, try placing its favourite toy or blanket on top. When your dog uses the mat, reward it with praise, pats or dog treats.

Always Cool Dog Mat - All For Paws Chill Out

If you're looking for a way to keep your dog cool during the Aussie summer, look no further than the Always Cool Dog Mat. It's like giving your pet their very own air-conditioning unit, but without the hefty electricity bill.

Clever Cooling Technology

The Always Cool Dog Mat stays cool thanks to its unique pressure-activated cooling non-toxic gel. The moment your pooch plonks down on it, they'll feel an instant relief from the heat. 

And don't worry about recharging or refrigerating – this mat is always ready to chill.

Durable and Portable

This cool summer dog bed boasts impressive durability. Made with tough fabric, it can withstand those occasional excited scratches or nibbles that we all know dogs love to give.

It conveniently folds up and is lightweight, making it perfect for use in the car.

Easy to Clean

Cleaning is a breeze! Simply wipe it over with mild soap and water then dry it off gently with a paper towel before letting your dog use it again.

Always Cool Dog Mat

Orange Cooling Mat - All For Paws Chill Out 

The Orange Cooling Mat is our most popular summer cooling mat for dogs, offering great value for money with a fun fruity design.

No Electricity or Refrigeration

The Orange Cooling Mat harnesses advanced cooling technology that responds instantly to your pet's body temperature.

No need for electricity or refrigeration – the pressure-activated cool gel interior efficiently absorbs body heat, offering immediate relief from the sweltering summer temperatures. 

Helps Joint Pain

This mat helps provide relief for dogs with joint problems by offering a cool and cushioned surface to rest on. The cooling sensation eases discomfort and reduces inflammation, promoting joint health and overall well-being.

Value for Money

At 60cm wide for only $12.90 (price correct at time of publishing: October 2023), the Orange Cooling Mat offers excellent value.

It features a cute orange-slice design, adding some fun to your dog's summer.

Orange Cooling Mat

Arctic Cooling Mat - All For Paws Chill Out 

The Arctic Cooling Mat is a high-quality mat that will give your dog relief from hot weather.

3-Layer Cooling

Different from other models, this mat features 3-layers:

  1.  A soft cushion for your dog to sit on.
  2.  An ice cube sheet for a relieving cool sensation.
  3.  Insulation to keep the cool in for longer.

No Harmful Chemicals

The Arctic Cooling Mat contains only pure water - no harmful chemicals or gels. This can help you feel relaxed knowing that if your dog (or other pets) chew on the mat, it will not hurt them.

One downside of this product not containing cooling gels is that you have to remember to freeze the ice cube sheet so it is ready to use on hot days.

Connect Multiple Mats Together

The mat offers versatility by featuring snaps on three sides, enabling you to connect multiple mats together. This makes it suitable for extra large dogs.

Arctic Cooling Mat
Ian's Tip: 

When placing your dog's cooling mat, opt for tiled floors or shaded outdoor areas. Avoid direct sunlight to prevent overheating and protect it from sharp objects that might cause damage.

Ian's Wrap

Dog cooling mats are essential for keeping your furry friends comfortable and safe during scorching summers in Australia. These mats help dogs regulate their body temperature, improve sleep quality, and alleviate joint pain. 

The Always Cool Dog Mat, Orange Cooling Mat and Arctic Cooling Mat are three great options available from Zach's Pet Shop. Each has unique features but all three are effective at providing cooling relief for pet dogs on hot days.



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