Dog Bone Toys: A Comprehensive Guide for Aussie Pet Owners

Dog bone toys are hard chew toys shaped like a bone. They are made from safe, non-edible materials such as rubber, nylon or plastic.

Understanding the pros and cons of a dog bone toy is crucial for any pet owner. This thorough guide will explore all the essential info on these widely-used toys, to guarantee your pet's well-being and happiness. 


Benefits of Dog Bone Toys

Dog bone toys are awesome for keeping your furry friend entertained and healthy. They offer a bunch of advantages:

  • Dental Hygiene: Chewing on bone toys helps scrape off plaque from your dog's teeth, reducing the risk of dental diseases. 
  • Mental Stimulation: Bone toys provide an engaging activity that keeps your pooch mentally alert. Chewing requires concentration, so when faced with a challenging chewable, they're compelled to figure out how to tackle it. It's like a mental workout!
  • Digestive Health Support: Chewing on bone toys stimulates saliva production, aiding digestion and making meal times easier on your dog's tummy.
  • Safety: Bone toys are a safer alternative to real bones for dogs. They are crafted from durable materials that can withstand aggressive chewing without breaking apart. 

So, incorporating safe bone toys into your pet's routine isn't just about entertainment - it contributes positively to their health too. And at Zach's Pet Shop, we've got a variety of bone toys suitable for every breed.

What makes bone toys so good


Risks Associated With Real Bones

Sometimes, what seems like a harmless treat can actually pose serious risks. 

Real bones can splinter easily when aggressively chewed upon, leading to potential injuries such as:

  • Mouth injuries: Sharp bone fragments can cut or injure your pet's mouth and gums, causing discomfort or even infections.
  • Digestive tract damage: If swallowed, sharp pieces could get stuck in your pet's digestive tract, causing serious harm that requires a trip to the vet.

Also, beware of foodborne pathogens found on raw bones. Bacteria such as Salmonella and E.coli can contaminate raw bones, leading to vomiting, diarrhea, or even severe bacterial infections that require expensive medical treatment.

Ian's Tip: 

I worry when I hear about owners giving their dogs raw bones. There are too many risks. It is much safer to offer your pup a bone toy. I always recommend the Ruff Play Dental Bone - it's a fun chew toy that also cleans your dog's teeth!

Here's a list of the top 5 bone dog toys

Top 5 Bone Dog Toys

Dog bone toys not only provide entertainment but also offer peace of mind knowing you've made a safe choice for your dog's chewing needs. The sturdy construction ensures they don't easily fragment like real ones do, eliminating the threat of choking or internal injuries due to swallowed pieces.

At Zach's Pet Shop, our range of bone toys is sure to keep your pup happy:

  1. Galaxy Bone Ruff Play: This fun bone toy is great for fetching and is soft on teeth and gums.
  2. CrunchCore Bone -  Petstages: This durable bone toy makes a crunching noise when your dog chews it.
  3. Dental Bone Ruff Play: Designed with durable non-toxic rubber, this toy cleans your dog's teeth as it chews.
  4. Puppy Goodie Bone - KONGThis cute bone toy promotes positive chewing behaviour in puppies and soothes teething pain.
  5. Nylon Bone Ruff Play: This flexible nylon bone toy is great for both chewing and playing fetch.

Kong Bone dog toys are very good


FAQs in Relation to Dog Bone Toy

Are bone toys good for dogs?

Yes, bone toys are awesome for dogs - they keep their teeth clean, their minds sharp, and save your furniture from their destructive chewing.

How long should a dog chew on a bone toy?

Let your doggo chew on a bone toy for around 10 to 15 minutes a day - it's the ideal amount of time to keep them entertained without overdoing it.


Ian's Wrap

When it comes to choosing a bone toy for your furry mate, safety is top priority. 

I recommend ditching real bones and instead buying your dog a bone toy to avoid splintering and choking hazards.

At Zach’s Pet Shop, we're all about providing top-notch pet supplies in Australia - check out our pawsome selection of dog bone toys today!



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