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Why do Dogs Love Toy Bones?

Natural instinct. In the wild, dogs would chew on bones to keep their teeth clean and to access the nutrients in bone marrow. The act of chewing on a bone can be an immensely satisfying experience for dogs, leading to the release of endorphins—the “feel-good” hormones. Dog bone toys encourage good chewing habits, promote healthy teeth and gums, alleviate boredom, and reduce destructive behaviours.

What are Mentally Stimulating Toys for Dogs?

Dogs are mentally stimulated when their minds are put to work just as much as their bodies are. Toys with treat dispensers, puzzle components, or hidden compartments can keep your dog mentally stimulated and encourage problem-solving behaviour. We recommend using toys such as our Bone Appetit Flip’N’Slide and Sniff’A’Bone for a minimum of 20 minutes a day alongside your walks.

Are Lick Mats Actually Good for Dogs?

Lick Mats are a great for dogs to alleviate stress and provide mental stimulation when exercise is limited or physical activity hasn't tired them out. They can help reinforce activities like grooming, bath time and nail trims. Suggested ingredients to put on a lick mat include yogurt, mince meat, dog peanut butter, purees, raw egg, banana, etc.

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