Zach's Pet Shop Guide: Best Toys for 8 Week Old Puppy

If you have a lively 8-week-old puppy, you're entering an exciting phase in your pet's life. 

Choosing the right toys for your furry friend is essential. From teething to cognitive development, we've got you covered. Safety, entertainment, and readiness for adulthood are key. 

So, let's explore the world of toys for young puppies.

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Understanding the Needs of an 8 Week Old Puppy

An 8-week-old puppy is at a vital stage in their development. It is important you choose toys that address their specific needs:


At 8-weeks-old, your puppy is getting ready to start losing its baby teeth. Teething puppies can have sore mouths, leading to them chewing on anything they can get a hold of. Teether toys help alleviate discomfort and promote appropriate chewing behaviour during this tender phase.

Cognitive Development

To support cognitive development at this age we recommend stimulating toys that challenge puppies mentally as well as physically. Look for puppy smart interactive games that reward problem-solving skills with treats.

Social Skills & Bonding Time

Playing with your pup is not only about entertainment but also an opportunity to form a strong bond and gain their trust. The right toys can help make this process more fun for both of you.

Ian's Tip: 

For your energetic 8-week-old pup, choose toys that encourage growth and fun.

Prioritise chew toys for teething, tug-of-war toys for bonding, and puzzle toys for mental stimulation. Always supervise playtime to ensure safety and fun.

Safety Considerations When Choosing Puppy Toys

When picking toys for your 8-week pup, ensure safety is the primary concern. 


Picking an appropriately sized toy is crucial. Small pieces can easily become lodged in a young pup's throat, turning playtime into panic time. A rule of thumb is to opt for toys larger than their mouth opening but light enough for them to carry around.


Avoid soft rubber or brittle plastic toys that can break off into dangerous choking hazards. Instead, choose sturdy materials like hard rubber which are safe and durable even when chewed vigorously. 

Beware Hidden Dangers

Just because something is advertised as a dog toy, does not necessarily make it safe. For example, some soft toys contain small parts like buttons or squeakers that could dislodge and cause harm if swallowed.

When you first purchase a new dog toy, check it is safe before giving it to your puppy.

Best Toys for 8 Week Old Puppy - Chew Toys

At Zach's Pet Shop, we understand that an 8-week-old puppy is in the midst of their teething phase - so why not help them out with some specially chosen chew toys? Chewing helps relieve some discomfort and strengthens their little jaws.

Cactus Chill Teething Toys - All For Paws

This tough puppy chew freezer toy is great for puppies with sore gums. Pop it in the freezer and the cooling sensation eases pain as they chew.

It is also great for puppies on hot summer days!

Cactus Chill Teething

Love Teething Latex Bone - All For Paws

This cute toy is great for puppies who love to chew! Made from durable natural latex, it is soft enough not to damage puppy teeth.

Its small size is easy for puppies to carry and it is great for games of fetch.

Love Teething Latex B

Teething Toy Donkey - All For Paws

This donkey is a plush toy with a special weaving structure, adding strength and flexibility.

The gap in the weave cleans your puppy's teeth as it chews, just like rope toys. Its long shape makes it a great tug toy.

Teething Toy Donkey

Best Toys for 8 Week Old Puppy - Interactive Toys

Keeping puppies engaged isn't just about fun, it also helps their cognitive development. That’s why we've got a range of puzzle dog toys that can help stimulate your puppy's mind while giving them an enjoyable playtime.

KONG Puppy

Based on the #1 selling KONG Classic, KONG Puppy is an interactive treat puzzle dog toy. Stuff treats inside for your puppy to find!

It is made with soft KONG rubber customised for gentle puppy teeth. Its unique shape gives it an unpredictable bounce, making it great for games of fetch too!

KONG Puppy

Anti-Anxiety Bath Duck - All For Paws

This adorable duck is a lick mat that suctions to the wall vertically. It is designed to distract anxious dogs during bath time, helping your puppy learn and build confidence in new situations.

It is perfect for wet treats such as canned dog food or peanut butter.

Anti-Anxiety Bath Duck

Puppy Teething Stick - KONG

The Puppy Teething Stick is both a chew and fetch toy designed specifically for young puppies. Its narrow shape makes it easy for puppies to carry.

It also doubles as a puzzle toy, with grooves to hide wet treats inside.

Puppy Teething Stick

Best Toys for 8 Week Old Puppy - Soft Toys

Every pup needs a cuddle buddy!  A soft plush toy can become your little mate's best friend, providing comfort and easing anxiety.

We've got a collection of soft toys at Zach's Pet Shop that are pawfectly designed with puppies in mind.

Heart Beat Sheep - All For Paws

Heart Beat Sheep is a popular plush puppy toy designed to ease separation anxiety. It has a battery-operated heart inside that's beating can be both heard and felt.

As your puppy snuggles against the heartbeat toy, it feels like another dog is nearby, reducing loneliness and barking overnight.

Heart Beat Sheep

Comforting Bunny - All For Paws

Comforting Bunny is a super cute toy designed especially for puppies. It is a great toy for both cuddling and gentle play.

It has multiple soft textures plus a teething ring for easing sore puppy gums. It also has a pocket where you can hide fabric that carries your scent, to help your puppy sleep without you.

Comforting Bunny

Warm Bear - All For Paws 

This beautiful toy plush bear has a microwavable pouch inside for warmth. This not only provides comfort for puppies with separation anxiety but also keeps puppies warm on cold winter nights.

Its fur is super soft, making it perfect for cuddles.

Warm Bear - All For Paws

Caring for Your Puppy's Toys

Regular maintenance is key to making sure your puppy's playthings last longer and stay safe.

Cleaning Hard Chew Toys

Puppy chew toys are designed to withstand some serious gnawing from those tiny teeth. But remember, every nibble leaves behind saliva which over time becomes a haven for germs.

To fix this problem, simply give chew toys a good scrub under warm water using a mild soap. Always make sure to rinse thoroughly before giving back to your furry friend.

Maintaining Soft Plushies

Soft plushies might be cuddly companions but don’t forget that fur absorbs all sorts of things, making regular cleaning essential. 

Most soft toys can be hand-washed in cold water. Some may be suitable for a gentle cycle in the washing machine but always check labels first.

If your soft toy has a heartbeat device, heat pack or batteries, these will need to be removed before washing,

Lay them flat out after washing and avoid direct sunlight when drying.

Safety Checks

Routinely inspect all puppy toys for any signs of wear and tear. Be on the lookout for loose parts or frayed edges that could become a choking hazard.

If you find anything suspicious, either repair or replace the toy immediately. Better safe than sorry!

Ian's Tip: 

As your puppy grows, transition to adult toys gradually at around six months old.

Larger breeds may switch sooner, while toy breeds can stick with puppy toys a bit longer. Introduce new toys slowly, offering fun yet durable options.

Ian's Wrap

Understanding your 8-week-old puppy's needs and choosing the right toys is vital for their growth and development. 

Teethers alleviate discomfort, interactive toys stimulate their minds, and soft plush toys offer comfort. Don't forget the importance of proper toy maintenance for safety and transition to adult toys gradually. 

At Zach's Pet Shop, you'll find a wide range of puppy toys that cater to all these needs. Shop for the perfect toys for your furry friend on our website today.



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