Why Does My Dog Bring Me a Toy When I Get Home?

I walk through the door after a long day, and there's my furry best friend, tail wagging, with a toy in their mouth.

It's a familiar scene. But why does my dog bring me a toy when I get home? As a dog lover, I've always been curious about this adorable habit.

Today we will explore this together and finally answer the question - Why does my dog bring me a toy when I get home?

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Why Does My Dog Bring Me a Toy When I Get Home?

Get ready to dive into the delightful mystery of why your pup insists on bringing you a toy the moment you step through the door.

We're about to unpack all the quirky and heartwarming reasons behind this adorable behaviour.

They Want to Play

One of the most common reasons dogs bring you toys when you come home is that they want to play. They've got pent-up energy from having stayed home all day and they can't wait for an outlet. 

Your dog sees you as their favourite playmate. So when you walk through the door, they're thinking "Finally, my best friend is home to play with me." 

Common toys dogs grab for this reason are chew toys, tug of war toys and balls.

They're Showing Affection

Dogs may bring you a toy as an offering to show you that they love you. After all, that slobbery dog toy is actually one of their most treasured possessions. By bringing it to you, they're showing you how much they care. 

If your dog is craving attention or some extra cuddles, they will usually bring you the toy they play with most often.

They're Trying to Please You

Pack animals, such as wolves and wild dogs, will commonly bring gifts to the pack leader. 

Some dog trainers believe that domestic dogs bringing toys to their pet parents goes back to their instinct to present prey to the alpha of the pack.

By bringing you their toy, they're acknowledging you as the leader. It's their way of sharing something they enjoy with the person they look up to the most. 

If your dog is doing this, they may also bring you human things when you get home, like dirty socks or a lone shoe, because they believe that is something you'd enjoy.

They're Displaying Natural Instincts

Your dog might bring a toy to you because they are a retriever breed, and it is part of both their instinct and training to bring items to you.

Many dog breeds, especially those bred for hunting or retrieving, have a natural desire to carry things in their mouths. It's in their DNA to pick things up and bring them back to their pack leader. 

So when your Golden Retriever drops a tennis ball at your feet, they're just doing what comes naturally to them. It's a behaviour that's been bred into them over generations.

How to Respond When Your Dog Brings You a Toy

If your dog is bringing you a toy as an invitation to play, then by all means, indulge them. Take a few minutes to engage in a game of fetch or tug-of-war.

It's a great way to bond with your pup and provide them with some much-needed mental and physical stimulation. 

If your dog is bringing you a toy as a gift or a sign of affection, then show your appreciation. Give them some positive reinforcement and maybe a little treat. Let them know that you value their gesture of love. 


Why does my dog grab his toy when I come home?

Your dog is excited to see you and wants to play. Bringing dog toys is their way of saying, "I love you, let's have fun together."

Why does my dog bring me a toy but not let me take it?

Your furry friend seeks engagement, not just the act of giving. It's more about extra attention and starting an interactive game than surrendering the toy.

Why does my dog hold a toy in his mouth when I come home?

Holding a toy can be comforting for them, signaling they're ready for some quality time with their favourite dog parent - that's you.

Ian's Wrap

Why does my dog bring me a toy when I get home? There are a few key reasons.

Your dog may be asking to play, craving affection, offering a gift to their pack leaders, or simply bowing to their natural instincts.

Whatever the reason, this action should be encouraged (especially during training stages). Play with your furry family members and encourage showing affection.

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