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Looking to buy a stuffed puppy with heartbeat? Let us help!

It is common for dogs to experience anxiety when left alone, during thunderstorms, or overnight.

A stuffed puppy with heartbeat is a toy that can help provide reassurance and minimise anxiety symptoms.

In this blog, we'll explore the benefits of anxiety toys, provide tips to introduce them to your dog and show you two great options from Zach's Pet Shop.

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Benefits of a Stuffed Puppy with Heartbeat

Heartbeat toys are the latest innovation to assist puppies with separation anxiety. These soft toys have a plastic heart inside that is battery operated.

When turned on, it pulses - mimicking the sound and vibrations of a real dog's heartbeat.

As your puppies snuggle into the toy, the heart helps them feel like their mother is nearby and naturally provides comfort.

This helps minimise puppy anxiety and associated symptoms including excessive barking, whining, waking up during the night, scratching doors, and excessive paw licking.

Many owners give their puppies a heartbeat toy every night for bedtime as well as anytime they may feel agitation such as thunderstorms or being left home alone.

Heartbeat 'N' Warm Pacifier Buddy - Pups

The amazing Heartbeat 'N' Warm Pacifier Buddy by Pups will be your pet's new best friend.

This adorable plush puppy toy contains a realistic heartbeat device, reproducing the sound and feel of a mother's heartbeat.

It also contains a heat pack that provides up to 24 hours of continuous heat, activated as soon as you open the packaging. 

The combination of the heartbeat and warmth provides maximum comfort for dogs, easing separation anxiety and being a lifesaver for new pet parents.

Heartbeat and warmth provides maximum comfort for dogs

Anti-Anxiety Plush Buddy - Calming Pals

Anti-Anxiety Plush Buddy by Calming Pals is a super cute soft toy for anxious pups. 

Inside the belly is a battery-operated heart, which reproduces the vibrations and sound of a mother's heartbeat. 

The material is extra soft and cuddly, making it perfect for puppies to cuddle overnight. If your puppy wakes up and cries during the night, this toy could be an affordable way to help you both get a better night's sleep.

How to Choose the Right Stuffed Puppy with Heartbeat

How to Choose the Right Stuffed Puppy with Heartbeat

Choosing a heartbeat stuffed puppy for your furry friend is more than just picking out a cute toy. It's about finding comfort and companionship that resonates with their needs.

The Importance of Size and Texture

Size matters when it comes to selecting the perfect plush toy. A large dog might disregard a too-small toy, while a tiny pup could struggle with something overly bulky.

And let's not forget texture – some dogs prefer soft, snuggly fabrics they can nuzzle into, mirroring the cosiness of littermates.

Breed-Specific Considerations

Different breeds have unique characteristics which should influence your choice. For instance, a Greyhound's thin coat means they are more susceptible to cold weather and may appreciate a toy containing a heat pack.

Addressing Specific Anxieties

If your dog is experiencing anxiety when left alone at bedtime, a heartbeat toy is a great solution as they usually beat for around 20 minutes - long enough for your puppy to drift off to sleep.

However, if your dog's anxiety is more constant then a heated toy that stays warm for longer may be a better option.

Integrating a Heartbeat Toy into Your Pet's Routine

Integrating a Heartbeat Toy into Your Pet's Routine

A heartbeat stuffed puppy can be a great way to soothe your pet when you're not around. But you want your dog to cuddle the toy - not chew it. 

When to Introduce the Toy

Bring in the comforting companion during quiet times—think late afternoon naps or early evening wind-downs. It’s all about creating positive associations from day one.

If your dog has anxiety triggers like thunderstorms or being alone, time these introductions before such events occur; let them find solace with their synthetic snuggle partner under less stressful conditions first.


Never play tug-of-war or fetch with the heartbeat toy, as it will encourage your puppy to chew it.

If your puppy tries to play with it, take the heartbeat toy away temporarily and offer your puppy another toy to play with instead.

Reintroduce the heartbeat toy during quiet time and praise your puppy when it snuggles into it.

Stuffed puppy with heartbeat toys are a great way to help soothe anxious dogs

Ian's Wrap

Stuffed puppy with heartbeat toys are a great way to help soothe anxious dogs. As they cuddle into these toys and hear the heartbeat, they feel like their mother is nearby and naturally relax. 

When choosing a heartbeat toy, consider your dog's size, breed and specific anxiety concerns. Introduce the toy to your dog during quiet time and discourage any rough play.

Here at Zach's Pet Shop, we have two great options - the Heartbeat 'N' Warm Pacifier Buddy and the Anti-Anxiety Plush Buddy

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