How Many Dog Toys Should a Dog Have? A Comprehensive Guide

How many dog toys should a dog have? This is a question that pet owners often ponder. Deciding on the proper number and kind of playthings for your pup can be a daunting task with all the options available at pet shops.

In this post, we'll delve into why having multiple dog toys can keep your dog happy and stimulated. We will discuss various types of toys that are all designed with different purposes in mind – from keeping older dogs active with outdoor toys to helping puppies with teething toys.

Further on, we will answer the burning question - how many dog toys should a dog have? And lastly, provide tips on effectively rotating these small pieces of joy to ensure they remain your pup's favourite toy for longer.


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Choosing the Right Dog Toys

Playing with toys can help dogs burn off excess energy, reduce anxiety, promote dental health, and strengthen their bond with their owners. But not all dog toys are created equal!

Choosing the right toys for your fur baby is essential to keep them entertained and engaged. It's not just about buying a heap of random playthings; it's about selecting items that cater to their specific needs, preferences, and behaviours.


When choosing a toy, think about what makes your dog happy. Just like people, dogs have different preferences! These are often based on their breed, size and energy level. Some dogs love tug toys, while others may prefer outdoor toys or interactive puzzle games. Buy your dog one of each type of toy and see what it likes before investing in any more.

Safety First

Always prioritise safety when choosing dog toys. Avoid any small pieces that could be swallowed or choked on and opt for non-toxic materials that won't harm your pet if ingested accidentally.

We recommend buying toys designed specifically for dogs from a reputable pet store. If you are going to give your dog human toys, be very careful there is nothing hazardous on them, especially if your dog rips them open. 

Age-Specific Toys

If you've got a puppy at home, consider toys designed for puppies. Teething toys are made specifically to soothe sore gums and provide much-needed relief during the uncomfortable teething phase. 

Heartbeat toys are soft toys with a battery-operated heart inside, giving your puppy the comforting feeling of being with its mother.

If you have an older dog who isn't as active anymore or is missing teeth, then soft toys might be better suited rather than rubber ones which can be harder on their gums, teeth, and mouth overall!

Lots of toys for dogs is good for mental stimulation 

Benefits of Having Multiple Dog Toys

Offering your dog a variety of toys will encourage it to play more often. And that's a good thing!

Playtime is not just about keeping your furry mate entertained; it also provides numerous benefits for their mental and physical health. Here are some reasons why playtime is important:

  • Mental Stimulation: Just like us humans, dogs need mental stimulation to keep their minds sharp. Interactive toys such as puzzle feeders can challenge them mentally.
  • Boredom Reduction: Dogs get bored quickly when they're left alone at home all day. A range of different toys can help alleviate this boredom and provide entertainment while you're away.
  • Destructive Behaviour Prevention: If your pup has plenty to do with their toys, they'll be less likely to chew on shoes or furniture out of boredom or frustration.
  • Bonding: Playing fetch or tug-of-war with your dog is a great way to bond. Similarly, two dogs playing with toys together is likely to bond them too.
  • Happiness: Playtime is fun, giving your pup a rush of dopamine. This alleviates anxiety and improves your dog's overall mood.

Healthy play habits contribute significantly towards overall canine well-being. So don't hesitate to invest in a good collection of fun and engaging pet toys from Zach's Pet Shop.

Make sure you have a range of different types of dog toys 

Types of Dog Toys

Aussie pet owners have a wealth of choices when selecting playthings for their four-legged companions. There is a toy out there to suit every pup's unique personality and needs.


Balls are the most classic dog toy, with dogs of all shapes and sizes loving to chase a ball. They make the ultimate game of fetch! Dog ball toys now come in a wide variety, from classic tennis balls to bouncy rubber balls and even treat dispensing balls!

Dental Toys

Dog dental toys are designed to clean your dog's teeth. As your dog chews down, the hard toy wipes against the teeth, removing plaque and minimising tartar buildup. This is much easier than attempting to brush your dog's teeth!

Interactive Toys

Interactive dog toys, like puzzle feeders or treat-dispensing toys, keep your pooch mentally stimulated while providing them with a fun challenge. It's like giving your dog a puzzle to solve - they'll love it.

Soft Toys

If your fur baby loves snuggling up or carrying around soft items, soft dog toys could be the ideal addition to their toy collection. Just remember to supervise playtime if your pup tends to rip apart stuffed animals. 

Heartbeat Puppy Toys

Designed for lonely puppies, heartbeat toys are plush toys with a plastic heart on the inside that produces a life-like heartbeat. This sounds and vibrates like another dog's heart, comforting your puppy the way its mother would. These toys are battery-operated and some variations will also have heat packs inside to keep your puppy warm.

Rope Toys

Rope toys are perfect for a game of tug-of-war! While traditionally just a piece of rope, modern dog tug toys have things attached to the end for extra excitement, such as a ball or rubber bone. This also gives your dog something better to hold onto when you're tugging at the toy.

Tough Toys

Tough dog toys are designed to survive even the toughest chewers! They can be hard rubber toys or plush toys with reinforced mesh stitching, all designed not to be ripped apart when your dog chews on them.

Buying durable toys can save you money in the long run, preventing you from regularly having to replace soft toys your chewer has destroyed.

How many dog toys depends on the dogs age 

How Many Dog Toys Should a Dog Have?

As a paw-rent, you might be wondering - how many dog toys should a dog have?

The Ideal Number

In general, having around 5-10 quality toys should suffice for most dogs. 

The ideal number of toys can depend on your dog's age, breed and play preferences. For example, older dogs usually play less so they won't need as many toy options.

Finding the Right Balance

Rather than focusing on the number of toys, we recommend focusing on the variety you offer your dog. A good rule of thumb is to provide your pup with a selection of 3-5 distinct types of toys. For example, at one time you could offer your dog:

  • One rope toy: For playing together
  • One dental toy: For chewing
  • One puzzle toy: For mental stimulation

This variety caters to different needs, ensuring they're always entertained.

At Zach's Pet Shop, we offer a wide variety of high-quality dog toys that are both fun and safe for your furry friend. From durable tug toys to teething rings to soft plushies, our selection has something for every pup. 

Beyond Just Toys

Toys aren't everything. Spending quality time being active with your pooch is also valuable - whether it's going for a walk together or teaching them new tricks.

Ian's Tip: 

I tell customers to prioritise the variety of toys they give to their dogs instead of fixating on the number of toys. I think it's best to offer your dog a diverse range of toy options to keep them interested.

 It's a good idea to regularly rotate the toys

Tips for Rotating Dog Toys

If you've noticed your furry friend losing interest in their toys, it's time to introduce a rotation system. 

Why Rotate?

Dogs lose interest in their toys over time if they're constantly exposed to them - just like us humans. So, while you may have a collection of 10 toys, only present 2-3 at a time and rotate them regularly. 

Regularly rotating your dog's toys can keep them engaged and excited about playtime.

This not only keeps your pet entertained but also extends the life of the toys.

How Often Should You Rotate?

The frequency of rotation depends on your dog's personality and habits. Some dogs may need a fresh set of toys every week, while others are content with monthly changes.

By changing up their toy selection regularly, you're essentially providing them with new toys without having to buy more. 

Tips for Successful Rotation

  • Maintain Variety: Make sure each rotation includes different types of dog toys, such as durable toys, interactive options, and plushies.
  • Clean Between Rotations: Cleaning the toys before putting them away ensures they'll be ready for next use - plus it helps maintain hygiene.
  • Note Their Favourites: Keep an eye out for any particular favourites that should stay within reach regardless of rotations.

Incorporating these tips into your routine will ensure that playtime remains fun and exciting for both you and your furry friend.

Variety is the spice of life especially for dog toys 

Ian's Wrap

Customers sometimes ask me, "How many dog toys should a dog have?" I tell them not to worry so much about the number of toys and instead to focus on the variety of toys offered!

It's crucial to choose the right dog toys for your furry mate and have a variety available, as this provides mental stimulation and prevents boredom and destructive behaviour.

Also, I suggest that you try to aim for at least three or four different types of toys that can be rotated regularly to keep things interesting, and always supervise your pet during playtime. 

Remember to replace any damaged or worn-out toys straight away to ensure your pup stays happy, healthy, and entertained!



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