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For pet owners, maintaining their dog's skin health is essential. Dog skin care products play a crucial role in addressing various skin issues and ensuring the overall well-being of their furry friend. 

In this blog post, we will delve into some must-have dog skin care products that cater to different needs and preferences.

We'll explore common canine skin conditions and problem areas. Additionally, we'll discuss how specialised grooming products with natural ingredients can help heal your pup.

For those with wrinkly canine companions, we have you covered as well – learn about specialised products designed specifically for dogs with wrinkles. 


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Essential Dog Skin Care Products

As pet parents, we all want our dogs to lead happy, healthy lives. One crucial aspect of their overall well-being is proper canine skin care. 

Just like humans, dogs can experience various skin issues that can significantly impact their comfort and quality of life.

Neglecting their skin health can lead to a host of other problems, including poor coat health and secondary infections. Therefore, Australian pet owners need to be able to recognise the most common skin conditions that dogs experience.

Skin Type

Dogs have different skin types and can suffer from various skin problems, so it's crucial to choose the right dog skin care products for your furry friend's specific needs.

Common dog skin problems include:

  • Allergies: Dogs can develop allergies to specific foods, environmental factors, flea and tick products, or even flea bites themselves! These allergies can result in itchy, red patches on the skin. You will need to address skin issues by first addressing allergy triggers.
  • Dry Skin: Weather changes or nutritional deficiencies can cause dryness and poor coat health, resulting in flaky and irritated skin.
  • Oily Skin: Some breeds are prone to oily coats due to overactive sebaceous glands, leading to greasy fur and clogged hair follicles. A healthy coat should not appear oily.
  • Sensitive Skin: Dogs with sensitive skin are more susceptible to irritations caused by harsh chemicals found in some grooming products or environmental triggers like pollen.

Problem Areas

Certain areas of a dog's body are more prone to skin conditions. 

Areas commonly experiencing symptoms include:

  • Skin: Dogs can develop itchy, red, or dry skin anywhere on their body. This is more common in areas where their coat is thinner, such as the stomach or armpits.
  • Paws: The pads on a dog's paws are prone to becoming dry and cracked. This can be worsened if your dog licks its feet regularly.
  • Wrinkles: For dog breeds with wrinkles, moisture can build up in between their folds. This can lead to bacteria growth or cracked, sore skin.
  • Snout and Nose: Many dogs will experience dry, red skin on their nose and snout. This is more common for breeds with shortened snouts (aka. flat faces) such as Pugs.

Understanding your dog's specific skin type and problem areas will allow you to make informed decisions when selecting skin care products at Zach's Pet Shop. Our knowledgeable team is available to help if you're uncertain which items are ideal for your pet companion.

Ian's Tip: 

I always make a point of advising pet that owners that if you want to keep canine skin healthy, you'll first need to identify your dog's specific skin type and problem areas. 

Specialised Products

Your dog deserves the best skin care, and that means using specialised products designed to meet their unique needs. 

At Zach's Pet Shop, we offer a variety of affordable and high-quality pet supplies that cater to your dog's requirements. Here are our top recommendations for dog skin care:


  • Snout SootherThis popular balm nourishes and moisturises a dry snout or nose.
  • Pawtection Balm: Protect your dog's paws from harsh surfaces or extreme temperatures with this balm that forms a barrier on paw pads.
  • Paw Soother Balm: Soothe existing dry or irritated skin with natural ingredients. Improvements are often seen within the first 24 hours.
  • Skin Soother Balm: Using natural ingredients, this balm soothes dry, irritated skin and hot spots.
  • Wrinkle Balm: Keep your dog's wrinkles clean and moisturised with this balm that prevents irritation.


  • Grooming Wipes: These gentle wipes are perfect for cleaning your dog in between baths and are suitable for wiping over fur, skin, paws, face, ears and rear end.

    Your pet's skin care routine should use specialised grooming products made from high-quality ingredients.

    Remember to choose products tailored to their specific skin type or condition for optimal results. Shop at Zach's Pet Shop today for all your dog's skin care needs.

    Your pet's skin care routine

    Natural Ingredients

    For your pet's skin care, natural ingredients are a must-have for their health and well-being. Harsh chemicals in commercial pet care products can irritate their sensitive skin or cause allergic reactions.

    We recommend pet parents avoid purchasing low-quality dog skin care products from grocery stores, as these can often cause irritations. Instead shop at Zach's Pet Shop for health-conscious alternatives that are:

    • Made From Natural Ingredients: Natural alternatives rarely cause adverse side effects when used as directed.
    • Gentle on the Skin: Natural ingredients are less irritating than chemical-based options, making them ideal for dogs with sensitive skin or allergies.
    • Eco-Friendly: Organic and sustainably sourced components have a lower environmental impact compared to artificial substances.

    Before purchasing a dog skin care product, look at the label and ingredients list. Natural, gentle ingredients include shea butter, coconut oil, essential oils, and manuka honey.

    It is best to choose products that contain no alcohol, parabens or harmful chemicals.

    When introducing a new skin or coat care product for the first time, always test on a small area first and wait 24 hours to observe your dog's reaction.

    If there is no negative reaction, you can continue to use the product. If a negative reaction occurs, cease using the product immediately and consult your vet for advice.

    Zach's Pet Shop offers high-quality dog skin care products with all-natural formulas to keep your pup looking and feeling their best.

    Ian's tip: 

    By purchasing high-quality dog skin care products that are made from natural ingredients it is gentle on the skin and less likely to cause issues. But just remember that before purchasing a new product, you should always read the label and avoid anything containing harmful chemicals.

    Dogs With Wrinkles

    Some dog breeds, such as Bulldogs, Pugs, and Shar-Peis, have adorable wrinkles that make them extra-lovable! But these folds require special attention for proper skin care. 

    Proper dog wrinkle care will require:

    • Cleaning Between the Wrinkles: Gently cleanse between your pup's folds regularly with a soft cloth or dog-specific wipes to prevent irritation or infection.
    • Keeping Wrinkles Dry: Prevent bacterial growth and infections by thoroughly drying your dog's wrinkles after cleaning them with a dry towel or cotton ball.
    • Incorporating Wrinkle Care into Your Dog's Routine: Make wrinkle care part of your dog's regular routine to ensure good hygiene long-term.
    • Specialised Wrinkle Balm: Use a high-quality wrinkle balm to keep the folds clean and well moisturised.

    Zach's Pet Shop highly recommends Natural Dog Company's Wrinkle Balm to soothe and treat the folds of wrinkly breeds.

    Soothe and treat the folds of wrinkly breeds

    Ian's Wrap

    I recommend that you always try to keep your furry friend's skin healthy with natural dog skin care products tailored to their specific needs.

    I have experienced this on several occasions, which is why I think that by investing in high-quality and affordable dog skin care products it can help to prevent infections and irritation, especially for dogs with wrinkles. 

    Shop at Zach's Pet Shop for all your specialised dog skin care needs!



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