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There's no denying it - dogs love water. Dog pools are a great way to keep your dog active and add a bit of excitement to their day.

Considering buying a dog pool? Read our essential guide first:

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Benefits of Dog Pools

A dog pool is a small, portable swimming pool designed specifically for dogs to play in. They are a safe and fun way for dogs to enjoy many benefits:

A Cool Retreat

The main benefit of dog pools is temperature control. They're a great tool to help your fur baby cool off on hot summer days.


We all know how important regular exercise is for our pets' health! Pools are a great way for dogs to exercise on hot days without risking heat stroke.

Dog pools also offer low-impact physical stimulation that can be easier on joints than land-based activities, making it perfect for senior pups.

Mental Stimulation

Dog pools are something new, mentally stimulating your dog and tiring them out. And a tired dog is a well behaved dog!

Learning to Love Water

Ever worry about how well your dog would fare around larger bodies of water? Having a dog pool gives them a safe space to get used to being in water. It’s like training wheels but for swimming.


Key Features to Look for in a Dog Pool

When you're ready to give your four-legged mate a splashing good time, choosing the right dog pool can make all the difference. Take into account the following when deciding:


You want PVC materials that will stand up against sharp claws and teeth but is also comfortable on their paws. 


Consider your dog's breed, size and swimming skills when picking out their new summer hangout spot.


Look for a portable pet swimming pool that’s easy to move around during sunny days and store away when not needed.

Ease of Setup

Choose models which require minimal setup and don't need to be inflated.

Ian's Tip:

Fun and safety go paw in paw! Supervise your dog during pool time, even if they're a strong swimmer. Choose a shaded spot for the pool and place it on a non-slip surface to avoid accidents. 

Maintenance Tips for Dog Pools

Keeping your dog's pool in tip-top shape is key to its longevity. Here are some handy tips to help keep your pooch's pool pristine:

Regular Cleaning

Always empty the pool when your dog is done playing as dirty water can harbour harmful bacteria. Mild dish soap mixed with warm water will do wonders for scrubbing off grime and algae buildup.

Drying Before Storing

Mould loves moisture! After cleaning your pool, leave it out under the sun until completely dry before folding up for storage.

Proper Handling

Avoid dragging or pushing dog pools across rough surfaces; it can lead to tears that are tough to fix. Lifting them with care will extend their lifespan considerably. 

But remember – safety first. Don't hurt yourself trying to move large or heavy pools on your own.

Chill Out Splash and Fun Dog Pool by All For Paws

On a hot Aussie summer day, what could be better than letting your panting pup cool off in their very own pool? Let's take a close look at a dog pool we offer at Zach’s Pet Shop - the Chill Out Splash and Fun Dog Pool by All For Paws.

Plenty of Room

 At 123cm x 30cm, this pool has plenty of room for medium to large dogs to play.

Durable Materials 

Made from extra-tough materials, this pool is designed specifically for durability against enthusiastic paws. 

Easy to Setup

What makes this particular dog pool stand out from the rest is its non-inflatable design, making setup hassle-free. Its built-in drain plug lets you empty out water quickly and it is easily folded up when you're done.

Dog pools are a great investment for your pup this summer


Ian's Wrap

Dog pools are a great investment for your pup this summer. They offer a cool place to play and exercise, plus provide valuable mental stimulation.

When shopping for a dog pool, consider size, portability and ease of setup.

I highly recommend the Chill Out Splash and Fun Dog Pool we sell here at Zach's Pet Shop. It is easy to setup (no inflation required), it is made from durable materials, and has a plug to drain the water when you're done.

View the Zach's Pet Shop range of summer products here. We also stock Sprinkler Mats, Thirst Dog Toys and Cooling Mats to help your dog stay cool on hot days.



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