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Do dogs like paddling pools? They sure do!

Paddling pools offer dogs more than just a cooling escape all summer long. They provide mental stimulation and exercise, making them a great addition to your furry friend's life. 

In this blog, we'll answer the question "Do dogs like paddling pools?" by exploring their benefits, discussing safety measures, and outlining the best options for your canine companion. Get ready for tail-wagging fun!

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Benefits of Paddling Pools for Dogs

Most dogs love a good splash about! Many have a natural affinity to water and love to swim.

Providing your dog with a paddling pool isn't just about passing time; it's also packed with health benefits.

Mental Stimulation and Exercise

A paddling pool can be a fantastic source of mental stimulation for your dog. Think about the thrill they get from discovering new things in their environment - water play offers exactly that.

Beyond keeping them entertained, these pools are excellent exercise tools too. They let dogs work different muscle groups than those used during walks or runs.

Cooling Down on Hot Days

In Australia, we know how blisteringly hot summer days can be. But did you know that dogs struggle more than humans to cool down? That's because pups only sweat through their paws.

This is where a quality doggie paddle pool comes into play. The cool water helps regulate body temperature while giving them some fun at the same time.

Ian's Tip: 

When using dog pools, make sure there's fresh drinking water available nearby. This will discourage your dog from drinking the pool water which may not be clean.

Cooling Down on Hot Days

Pet Pool Safety Measures

Getting your furry friend into a paddling pool can be both fun and beneficial. But, just like teaching kids to swim, water safety should always come first.

Keep the Water Shallow

To start with, keep things shallow! Remember that not all dogs are natural swimmers. Ensure the depth of the pool is not too deep, so your pup can easily reach the bottom. 

The first time your dog swims in deeper water, it is a good idea to use a dog flotation device.

Ease Them in Gradually

Diving right in might sound exciting but it could scare your pooch away from water altogether. Start by letting your dog sniff and explore the empty pool first. Then gradually add more water as they get comfortable.

Play fetch in the pool with their favourite toys as a way of showing them the pool is a fun place.

Never Leave Your Dog Unattended

No matter how good of a swimmer you think your dog is, never leave them unattended near or in a paddling pool. 

Paw-Friendly Pool Material

Great dog paddling pools are made of sturdy materials that won’t harm their paws or nails when they're having fun splashing around.

Make it Fun

Safety is paramount when introducing your dog to a paddling pool. But don't forget it should also be fun. Use toys and treats to make your dog comfortable.

Pet Pool Safety Measures

Selecting the Right Paddling Pool for Your Dog

Choosing the perfect dog swimming pool isn't just about finding something that'll fit in your backyard. It's also about considering your dog's needs.

Consider Your Dog's Size

Before purchasing a splash pool online, check the dimensions to make sure it is a suitable size for your dog.

Make sure there’s enough room to move comfortably. You don’t want them feeling cramped while trying to cool off.

Material Matters

The material of the paddling pool is crucial because we all know how much our furry friends love using their claws! We recommend buying a pool specially designed for dogs that is made from durable PVC.

Avoid inflatable pools which could burst if a large dog jumps or scratches it.

Add-On Features Can Add More Fun

Some paddling pools come with extra features like sprinklers or slides. These can make pool time even more fun for your dog and provide them with additional mental stimulation.

Add-On Features Can Add More Fun

Splash and Fun Dog Pool - All For Paws Chill Out 

The Splash and Fun Dog Pool is a great option for backyard pool fun with your furry friend.

Quality of Materials

The quality of this dog pool is top-notch. Made with sturdy PVC material, it can withstand sharp claws and playful jumps without leaking or breaking down.

Ease of Use & Setup

This foldable pool makes keeping cool easy. It doesn't need any inflating—just unfold it and fill it up with your garden hose. Draining is just as simple; pull out the plug when you're done.

Dog-Friendly Design

Beyond being simply practical, this paddling pool has been designed with dogs' love for water in mind. The low sides allow even small breeds or older pups who might not have so much bounce anymore to get in and out easily.

All For Paws Chill Out

Sprinkler Fun Mat - All For Paws Chill Out

The Sprinkler Fun Mat is not just another run-of-the-mill doggy paddling pool; it brings a fresh and exciting twist that pups love.

Fun Sprinkler Features

This sprinkler offers tail-wagging fun! Connect it to a garden hose and it will fountain water into the air - perfect for pets to run and frolic through.

The mat itself will create a shallow pool of water. This is great for dogs that love to splash but don't want to actually swim.

Simple to Use

This fun water fountain mat is easy to use. With no inflation required, all you have to do is attach it to any standard garden hose and turn the water on. Adjust the water pressure at your tap to lower or heighten the spray.

It has a non-slip base to keep your dog safe.

Introducing Dogs to Water

If your dog has never been in the water before or is hesitant about water play, this mat is a great introduction. It is only very shallow with no barrier to step over. 

Start with the pressure low and increase it if your dog seems to be enjoying themselves.

Sprinkler Fun Mat

FAQs in Relation to Do Dogs Like Paddling Pools

Will a paddling pool keep my dog cool?

A paddling pool can help your furry friend beat the Aussie heat by providing them with a place to splash around and chill.

Are kiddie pools good for dogs?

Children's pools are often suitable for dogs as long as they're sturdy enough to withstand their claws and not too deep.

What can I use as a dog paddling pool?

You could use anything from specifically designed doggie paddle pools to kids' plastic tubs or even an old bathtub if it's safe and accessible.

Ian's Wrap

So, do dogs like paddling pools? You bet they do! These water-filled havens aren't just for cooling off in the summer months—they're playgrounds that get your pup's tail wagging.

Paddling pools offer more than a splashin' good time though. They give our pets physical exercise and mental stimulation—keeping them fit and happy.

But remember to play it safe when introducing your furry friend to their new pool. Always supervise their water play!

If you're after foldable dog pools to beat the summer heat, the Splash and Fun Dog Pool or Sprinkler Fun Mat from All For Paws' Chill Out range are fantastic options. Visit Zach's Pet Shop for other water play toys, dog cooling mats and our great summer range.



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