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As a dog owner, you may have come across the term "dog paw balm" and wondered what it is and how it can benefit your furry friends.

In this blog post, we will delve into the world of paw balms, exploring their benefits and uses for keeping your pet's paws in top condition.

We'll discuss the various advantages of using dog paw balm to protect and soothe your pet's paws. Furthermore, we'll guide you through the process of applying paw balm correctly to ensure maximum effectiveness.

We'll also share some recommended products available at Zach's Pet Shop that cater specifically to your pet’s needs.

Lastly, stay tuned for essential tips on caring for dogs paws beyond just using paw balms – because every step counts when it comes to keeping our four-legged friends happy and healthy.


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What is Dog Paw Balm?

Dog paw balm is like lotion for your pup's paws. It's crafted with natural ingredients like beeswax, shea butter, and coconut oil to moisturise their dry paws while providing protection. It's paw-some!

Why do dogs need paw balm?

Dogs' paws go through a lot - hot pavement, cold footpaths, and rough terrain. This can lead to dryness, cracked skin, and even injury.

Using a high-quality dog paw balm, like those available at Zach's Pet Shop, helps heal dry dog paws and prevent long-term issues.

When should I use dog paw balm?

  • Maintaining regular care: Use paw balm regularly on dogs paws to prevent dryness and cracking.
  • Healing existing damage: If your dog already has dry or cracked paw pads, paw balm can help soothe and heal the affected areas.
  • Outdoor Protection: Use paw protector balm to protect your dog's irritated paws from extreme weather conditions or rough terrain.
  • Excessive Licking: If your dog licks its feet obsessively, paw balm can help minimise licking and heal injuries caused by licking.
  • Sensitive skin: For furry friends with sensitive skin or allergies, using a gentle paw balm can provide relief and prevent further irritation.

Using dog paw balm is an easy way to keep your furry friend's feet happy and healthy.

What are the benefits of using balm for dog paws 

Benefits of Using Dog Paw Balm

Dog paw balm is an essential item for dog parents who want to keep their pet's paws in optimal condition. Incorporating a top-notch paw balm into your dog's care regimen has many advantages that can make an immense difference in their general welfare.

Let's explore some of the key advantages of using paw balm.

Maintaining Moisture Levels

Paw balms help maintain optimal moisture levels within your dog's pads by locking in natural oils while preventing excessive dryness. This keeps their feet soft and reduces the risk of cracking and redness.

Soothing Cracked Pads

Cracks on your pup's paw pads can be painful for them. Applying a nourishing paw balm made from dog-friendly ingredients (such as shea butter or coconut oil) can soothe these irritated areas and help heal dry spots.

Protection from the Elements

A good quality dog paw balm creates a barrier between your dog's paws and the ground, protecting them from harsh weather conditions like hot concrete or cold tiles. This helps prevent burns or frostbite during extreme temperatures.

Obsessive Licking

Applying paw balm can help add a protective layer over your dog's paws to prevent injuries or infections caused by obsessive or anxiety-induced paw licking. 

Check out our range of dog paw care products at Zach's Pet Shop - we have everything you need to keep those furry feet happy and healthy.

Ian's Tip: 

It's so easy to include a high-quality paw balm into your dog's care routine, and we've seen it time and time again that it can make a significant difference in keeping those furry feet happy and healthy.

Check out our list of recommended Dog paw balm below, they really will help to maintain moisture levels, soothing cracked pads, protecting paws from harsh weather conditions and minimising obsessive paw licking.

How To Apply Paw Balm

Are your furry friend's paws feeling rough and dry? No need to fret - we've got you sorted.

Here's a simple guide on how to apply dog paw balm to keep your pup's paws healthy, moisturised, and protected from the elements.

Follow these steps:

  1. Clean your dog's paws: Before applying the balm, clean your pup's paws with a damp cloth or pet-safe wipes to get rid of any dirt and debris. This will help the balm penetrate better into the skin for maximum benefits. If your dog has long hair on their paws, trim it before applying the balm for better absorption.
  2. Encourage your dog to lie down: Tell your dog to lie down or sit. Try to get your dog in a relaxed position where you can access its paws.
  3. Distract your dog: Focus your dog's attention on something else that it enjoys, such as its favourite toy or training treats.
  4. Gently lift your dog's paw: Do not grab forcefully as this will stress your dog out. 
  5. Apply balm to each paw pad: If your balm is in a tub, scoop a small amount of balm out using two fingers. Alternatively, use the applicator provided. Apply the balm evenly and gently. Be sure to cover all areas, including between the toes and around the edges of the pads.
  6. Allow time for the balm to absorb: Give the balm a few minutes to dry before you let your dog walk on its paws, as it may be slippery and walking could wipe off the balm. Giving your pup a belly rub is a great way to get those paws in the air to dry!
  7. Praise good behaviour: If your dog reacts positively to this process, reward it with praise or a treat. You want your dog to learn to enjoy having balm put on its feet.
  8. Monitor your dog after application: Keep an eye on your pup to ensure they don't lick off too much product. While most high-quality balms are safe if a dog licks it in small quantities, always check individual product guidelines to be certain.

Recommended Products from Zach's Pet Shop

At Zach's Pet Shop, we understand the importance of keeping your dog's paws healthy. We offer a selection of items to help maintain your pup's paw health:

DoggieBalm - Paw & Nose Balm

Paw & Nose Balm by DoggieBalm helps soothe and heal dry paws and noses. It is made from 100% natural ingredients meaning it won't irritate your dog's skin and is safe if they lick it off.

It has an easy-to-use tube applicator, minimising the balm being exposed to bacteria.

Paw Soother is a great balm for dog paws

Natural Dog Company - Paw Soother

Paw Soother is our top-selling balm, effectively healing dry paw pads. Customers report that redness and cracked paw pads begin to show improvement just 24 hours after application.

Natural Dog Company's formulas are all organic and made from vegan, dog-friendly ingredients.

Paw Soother is a skin soothing product for dog paws

Natural Dog Company - Pawtection

This paw protection balm by Natural Dog Company is designed to prevent paw pad injuries or dryness before it occurs. The wax blend creates a natural paw protector barrier.

It is recommended dog parents apply this all-natural paw protection balm before outdoor activities, exposure to rough terrain, or harsh weather.

Pawtection is a dog balm product for dog paws 


Tips for Keeping Your Dog's Paws Healthy and Happy

As a responsible dog owner, it's important to take care of your furry friend's paws. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

Regular Paw Inspections

Check your pet's paws regularly for any cuts, scrapes, cracked skin, or foreign objects. If you notice anything unusual, consult with a veterinarian immediately.

Keep Nails Trimmed

Long nails can cause discomfort and even lead to injury. Trim your dog's nails regularly or visit a professional groomer.

Clean Between the Pads

Remove dirt and debris between the pads of your dog's feet to prevent irritation or infection.

Use Dog Paw Balms Regularly

Use high-quality paw balms regularly to maintain moisture and prevent sore feet from occurring.

Monitor Your Dog's Behaviour

Pay attention to any discomfort your dog may be experiencing due to paw issues. If you notice limping or excessive licking, it might be time for a vet visit.

To guarantee your pup's paws stay healthy and comfortable, use quality products such as those found at Zach's Pet Shop while keeping an eye out for any signs of distress like limping or excessive licking. 


FAQs in Relation to Dog Paw Balm

Is Dog Paw Balm Good for Dogs?

Yes, dog paw balm is beneficial for dogs as it helps protect and moisturise their paws, preventing dryness, cracking, and irritation caused by hot pavement or cold weather.

Is Paw Paw Ointment Good for Dogs?

While a dog owner may have used Paw Paw Ointment on their pets in the past without issue, it is not specifically formulated for animals' needs, so it's best to opt for pet-safe alternatives like specially designed dog paw balms.

What is the Best Pet Paw Balm?

The best pet paw balms contain natural ingredients that provide protection and hydration without causing harm if licked and ingested by your pet.

What are the best paw balm products for dogs

Ian's Wrap

Some dog owners don't realise just how important it is to keep your dog paws in tip-top shape with a recommended dog paw balm - it might sound a bit corny, but it's a line I use quite a bit... it's a paw-some way to prevent discomfort and cracking.

The reason that I will often suggest this is that applying dog paw balm is so easy, the dogs actually love it, plus, I've listed a few high-quality products available to you to try out.

So, that's my tip for today, for the best dog paw balm and other pet supplies, check out Zach's Pet Shop - we've got everything you need to care for your furry, feathered, or scaly friends in style.




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