Best Chew Toys for Pit Bulls: An Aussie Pet Owner's Guide

Finding the best chew toys for pit bulls can be a challenging task. With their strong jaws and relentless chewing, not all toys are up to the challenge.

In our comprehensive guide, we explore the perks of chew toys for pit bulls. Discover top materials, safety considerations, and tips for choosing the perfect chew toy. 

We also uncover a list of the top 5 best chew toys for pit bulls, ensuring your pup has a safe and engaged playtime.

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Benefits of Chew Toys for Pit Bulls

Pit bulls are known as strong chewers among dog breeds and have an innate desire to gnaw. But this isn't a bad thing!

Chew toys encourage instinctual chewing behaviours, providing many benefits:

Mental Stimulation

Chew toys provide mental stimulation for pit bulls. These intelligent and energetic dogs thrive on engagement, and the act of chewing provides an outlet.

It helps ward off boredom, which could lead to depression or destructive behaviours. 

By gnawing on durable toys, your pit bull engages their mind, keeping them content and mentally fulfilled, resulting in a happier and healthier canine companion.

Improving Behaviour

Chew toys play a vital role in enhancing a pit bull's behaviour. These intelligent and active dogs often require an outlet for their energy.

Chew toys provide a positive focus, redirecting their energy towards gnawing on their toy.

This engagement helps prevent unwanted behaviours stemming from boredom, including chewing on furniture, excessive barking or digging.

Routinely introducing new tough toys also keeps things exciting, helping prevent behavioural issues linked to monotony over time.


Chew toys emerge as champions in aiding pit bulls to conquer anxiety, including separation anxiety.

When faced with uneasy moments or isolation, these toys act as delightful distractions, redirecting their attention from stressors. 

The rhythmic gnawing offers comfort and a sense of control, effectively soothing their nerves. 

This simple yet effective method provides an outlet for anxious energy, granting a calmer state of mind.

Dental Health

The act of chewing helps maintain your pit bull's dental hygiene by scraping off plaque and tartar from the teeth while massaging the gums.

As this increases blood circulation within gum tissues, you'll notice healthier teeth overall in your canine companion.

Chew toys are also effective at reducing bad breath in dogs because they dislodge food particles stuck between teeth - much like how floss works for us humans.

Teething Discomfort

If you're lucky enough to be raising a young pit bull pup, teething pain can be an issue. 

Chew toys designed specifically for strong chewers will become invaluable.

These sturdy rubber options withstand heavy chewing pressure and simultaneously soothe sore gums, making life easier during such an uncomfortable phase.

Teething Discomfort

Durable Materials for Pit Bull Chew Toys

Pit bulls are tough chewers with strong jaws and need toys that can withstand heavy chewing


Natural rubber is a prime choice of material for durable dog toys.

High-quality rubber toys offer a satisfying texture for pit bulls to chew on. 

Owners love rubber toys because they are tough and can withstand your pit bull's strong chewing without breaking. Rubber is also gentle on your pit bull's teeth and gums.

KONG's DuraMax range is made from their patented K-100 rubber, which is extremely durable and long-lasting.


If you're seeking something stiffer than rubber, consider nylon-based products. These indestructible dog toys are designed especially for dogs who love to gnaw incessantly. 

The All For Paws Super Nylon Bone is infused with beef flavour to hold your dog's attention and is safer than chewing on a real bone.


Thick, sturdy ropes made from natural fibres can provide a good chewing experience.

Look for rope toys specifically designed for dogs to chew on, to ensure they are safe for your pet.

Additionally, these rope toys often promote dental health by helping to clean your pit bull's teeth as they chew, making them a multifunctional and engaging choice for your furry friend.

Ian's Tip: 

When selecting toys for your pit bull, opt for peace of mind by choosing reputable brands like KONG and All For Paws. These brands prioritise quality, ensuring toys are durable and built to last. Investing in trusted names guarantees safer and more satisfying playtime for your furry friend.

Safety Considerations When Choosing Chew Toys

Pit owners must take safety into account when selecting durable dog toys. These powerful chewers can easily tear apart substandard toys which could lead to choking hazards or internal blockages.

Toy Size

Pit bulls are large dogs with strong jaws. Therefore, small dog chew toys might pose significant risks as they may be swallowed whole by giant breeds.

To prevent this potential hazard, opt for larger-sized, rubber, tough toys which won't fit entirely inside the dog's mouth.

Beware especially if parts such as eyes or squeakers on stuffed animals come loose; they're known culprits when it comes to choking hazards among pets.

Harmful Chemicals

When selecting durable toys for your beloved pit bull, it's crucial to prioritise their safety. Opt for toys that are crafted without harmful chemicals or toxins.

Materials such as BPA-free rubber, non-toxic nylon, and natural fibres ensure your pup's well-being during playtime. 

By making this conscientious choice, you're safeguarding your furry companion from potential health risks and ensuring their joyful interaction with toys that contribute positively to their overall health and happiness.

Durability Check & Supervised Playtime

No toy withstands heavy chewing forever. Regular inspections ensure you catch wear signs before things get risky. If a toy breaks, promptly repair or dispose of it.

Regardless of how rugged or durable any toy appears initially, always supervise your furry friend during playtime to spot any issues immediately.

Durability Check & Supervised Playtime

Tips on Choosing the Right Chew Toy

Selecting a chew toy for your pit bull isn't just about picking any dog toy off the shelf. You need to consider factors such as durability, safety and your pit bull's preferences.


The first thing you want in a chew toy for an aggressive chewer like a pit bull is durability.

Indestructible dog toys made from materials such as durable rubber or rugged nylon have been designed specifically for strong dogs.

If the toy breaks easily, it will fail to keep your pet engaged and quickly become a waste of money.

Worst case scenario, a broken toy can also pose a choking hazard or risk intestinal blockages.


Safety should always come first when choosing dog chews for power chewers like pit bulls.

Steer clear of small parts that could become lodged in your dog's mouth causing serious harm, including stuffed toys with small plastic eyes or squeakers.

Pit bull owners should also avoid tennis balls. They might seem harmless but tennis balls can cause damage if ingested by powerfully jawed breeds plus their abrasive material can wear down a pup's teeth over time.

Another important part of keeping your pit bull safe is choosing a toy that is the right size. Large breeds need large toys while small dogs need small toys.

Measure up before making any purchases online to ensure the new, fun toy you purchase is suitable for your giant dogs.

Entertainment Value

When finding the perfect chew toy for your pit bull, entertainment value and your dog's preferences should be your guiding stars.

If you choose a toy your dog doesn't like, they won't use it and it will just be a waste of money!

Take note of what kind of textures, shapes, and functionalities captivate your pup's interest.

Whether they're drawn to the satisfying bounce of rubber, the challenge of treat-dispensing puzzles, or the tugging joy of ropes, tailoring the toy to their preferences ensures hours of engaged play.

If you're looking to extend playtime, treat-dispensing toys are a great way to motivate dogs.

Hide peanut butter or treats inside the toys made to encourage your dog to get the treats out. Pit bulls love a challenge!

Ian's Tip: 

When picking a sturdy chew toy for your pit bull, prioritise durability. Look for toys designed for power chewers, such as those made from durable rubber. These options withstand their strong jaws while offering engaging play. Remember, a durable toy means safer and longer-lasting enjoyment.

Best Chew Toys for Pit Bulls

Explore our Aussie pit bull owner's guide to discover the best chew toys for pit bulls. Uncover durable, safe, and fun options that your furry mate will love.

Mighty Rex - Mighty Dumbell

The Mighty Dumbbell, available at Zach's Pet Shop, presents an engaging chew toy designed for robust play. 

Crafted with durability in mind, it's a great toy for strong dogs who love a good gnawing session.

Its unique shape and texture offer both entertainment and dental benefits, cleaning your dog's teeth as it chews.

Mighty Rex - Mighty Dumbell

My T-Rex - Tough Chew Gorilla

The Tough Chew Gorilla is a durable rubber toy made for aggressive chewers.

It is shaped like a gorilla and has holes in the body to hide teats. It is perfect for smearing with peanut butter and providing your dog with hours of fun.

My T-Rex - Tough Chew Gorilla

Meta Ball - Holey Egg Indestructible

The Holey Egg Indestructible is a unique, egg-shaped toy that wobbles in unpredictable movements.

This engages your pit bull's natural chasing instinct, adding extra excitement and fun.

The toy is easy to carry, durable and makes a crunchy noise when your pit bull chews on it. Perfect for pitties that love crunching on water bottles!

Meta Ball - Holey Egg Indestructible

KONG - DuraMax Ball

The KONG DuraMax Ball, a resilient and engaging dog toy, is crafted for relentless chewers. 

Constructed from the durable KONG-crafted K-100 material, it provides the perfect balance between flexibility and toughness, ensuring satisfying and enduring play sessions. 

Its textured surface and ridges not only offer engagement but also aid in cleaning your pup's teeth.

The round shape makes this KONG ball perfect for outdoor play, while the incorporated squeaker keeps dogs entertained during extended chew and playtime.

KONG - DuraMax Ball

Mighty Rex - Extra Durable Ball

Does your pit bull love playing fetch but destroy every tennis ball instantly? Mighty Rex's Extra Durable Ball is a great toy for you!

Made from robust natural rubber, this ball is suitable for tough chewers.

Going beyond a basic ball, it has a hole in the middle to hide treats inside and a textured body cleans your dog's teeth as it chews.

The bright red colour helps it stand out so it won't get lost and forgotten about!

Mighty Rex - Extra Durable Ball

FAQs in Relation to Best Chew Toys for Pit Bulls

What Is The Best Thing For A Pit Bull To Chew On?

Durable rubber toys, like Mighty Rex's Strong Treat Bone, are ideal as they can withstand pit bulls' strong jaws and aggressive chewing.

What Is A Pit Bull's Favourite Toy?

Pit bulls often favour interactive toys that challenge them mentally and physically. Puzzle toys or tug-of-war ropes will usually make your dog happy.

Why Are Pit Bulls Aggressive Chewers?

Pit bulls are large dogs with naturally powerful jaws and high energy levels. Chewing helps them release energy, relieve stress, and keep dogs entertained.

How Do You Keep A Pit Bull Busy?

A combination of physical activities such as walks or playtime in the yard along with mental stimulation from puzzle games, chew toys, or training sessions keeps a dog happy and engaged.

What Is The Best Thing For A Pit Bull To Chew On?

Ian's Wrap

The journey to find the best chew toys for pit bulls involves careful consideration of durability, safety, and entertainment value. 

The right toy can keep powerful chewers happily engaged, contribute to their dental health, and foster a positive behaviour outlook. 

By understanding the unique needs and preferences of these large dogs, you can embark on a rewarding journey of selecting toys that last a long time and keep your dogs interested.

At Zach's Pet Shop, we understand this quest all too well. We share your passion for providing high-quality, affordable yet fun toys. 

So why not take a look at our collection of tough dog toys? Your perfect solution might just be a click away!



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