Exploring Catnip Toys: What is a Catnip Toy?

What is a catnip toy, you might ask?

A catnip toy is a specially designed delight that can provide endless entertainment and stimulation for cats of all ages and sizes. It's more than just a simple distraction - it's an engaging tool to keep our feline friends active and content.

If you've ever wondered what makes this unique herb so intriguing to our feline friends or how it causes cats to react, you're in the right place

Join us as we unravel the mysteries behind catnip toys, exploring their effects, benefits, and the enchanting reactions they elicit from our feline friends.

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What is a Catnip Toy?

Catnip, a member of the mint family, affects many cats by triggering behaviours like sniffing, rubbing, rolling, and playfulness. The short-lived euphoric feeling cats experience after interacting with catnip is a source of fascination for both feline enthusiasts and researchers alike.

The compound nepetalactone interacts with receptors in a cat's nose, creating these reactions. The effects typically last 10-15 minutes and wear off temporarily. 

Catnip toys are pet accessories designed for cats and come in various forms, such as plush animals, balls, dental treats, or fabric pouches filled with catnip. When cats interact with these toys, they experience a short-lived euphoric feeling and may exhibit active behaviours providing them with entertainment and mental stimulation.

Benefits of Catnip Toys

Catnip toys are not just ordinary cat toys, they're specially designed with the addition of potent catnip to provide a unique and irresistible experience for domestic cats.

The scent released from these toys triggers a short-lived euphoric feeling in felines, an effect exclusive to wild feline species and their domestic counterparts. This mental stimulation is key in combating boredom while reducing stress levels.

Contrary to what one might expect given the initial excitement caused by exposure to this herbaceous plant, this magical ingredient has also been observed to calm anxious kitties down once the initial rush subsides.

cat toys with catnip


Types of Catnip Toys

Catnip toys are as diverse as the cats that love them. When selecting a catnip toy, take into account your pet's size, age and activity level in addition to other factors.

Stuffed Animals with a Twist-

A common favourite among cat owners is stuffed animals infused with potent catnip. These soft, cuddly toys not only satisfy your pet's need for companionship but also stimulate their hunting instincts due to the irresistible scent from the enclosed catnip stems, ensuring they stay entertained and active.

All For Paws sell a great range of stuffed catnip toys, available at Zach's Pet Shop:

•All For Paws Green Rush Gecko

stuffed cat toys with catnip


Catnip Scratcher Board

Catnip scratcher board toys combine the irresistible allure of catnip with the practicality of a scratching board. As your cat digs their claws into the textured surface, they're met with the delightful aroma of catnip, making the scratching experience even more enticing.

Catnip Spray

Catnip can also be purchased as a liquid in a spray bottle and can be used to create enticing environments and keep your cat entertained for your cat. Here's how to use it:

Spray on Toys: Give your cat's toys a light spritz of catnip spray. This can instantly make the toys more interesting and engaging for your cat. Allow a few moments for the spray to dry before giving the toy to your cat.

Spray on Surfaces: You can spray catnip on scratching posts, bedding, or even the floor to encourage your cat to explore and play in these areas.

Interactive Play: During playtime, spray a little catnip spray in the air to get your cat's attention and make the play session more interactive and exciting.

Dry Catnip

Dry catnip is the classic form of this herb and can be used in various ways:

Catnip Toys: Many cat toys have pockets or compartments that can be filled with dry catnip. Simply sprinkle a small amount of dry catnip into these pockets to make the toys more appealing to your cat.

Sprinkle on Surfaces: Sprinkle a small amount of dry catnip on scratching posts, play mats, or your cat's bedding to create a sensory experience that encourages exploration and play.

Ian's Tip: 

The enchanting scent of catnip possesses a remarkable power, captivating your cat's senses and keeping your cat entertained. I recommend adding it to toys and bedding and watch your cat react!

Safety Considerations for Catnip Toys

Cat play sessions involving potent catnip should always be monitored. This ensures that you can observe how your domestic cats react and prevent them from swallowing any small parts of the toy during their euphoric state induced by this herbaceous plant.

Some cats may be prone to eating excessive amounts of catnip, which could lead to digestive issues. Monitor your cat's interaction with catnip and make sure they don't consume too much.

FAQs in Relation to What Is a Catnip Toy

What does catnip actually do to cats?

Catnip triggers a euphoric response in most cats, stimulating playfulness and hunting instincts. It's completely safe and non-addictive and can even be used to calm anxious kitties.

Why do Australian cats not like catnip?

Australian cats aren't inherently against catnip. The reaction to it is genetic, with approximately 50-70% of cats worldwide sensitive to catnip.

What is catnip and why do they like it?

Catnip is an herb from the mint family that releases a scent that stimulates pleasure centres in many feline brains, triggering playful behaviour.

Where to buy catnip toys?

If you're on the hunt for budget-friendly catnip toys in Australia, your search ends at Zach's Pet Shop. We take pride in offering a broad range of irresistible catnip toys that cater to various preferences such as size, shape, and functionality.

Ian's Wrap

Like me, you have probably asked yourself "What exactly is catnip, and what is a catnip toy?"

We now know that a catnip toy is a plaything designed to entertain cats through the inclusion of catnip, a herb that triggers a short-lived euphoric feeling cats experience upon interaction.

We've also learned about their benefits - they're not just fun but also great for mental and physical stimulation. They help keep boredom at bay and tap into your kitty's natural hunting instincts.

If you're ready to enrich your cat's life with high-quality, affordable catnip toys, then Zach's Pet Shop is here for you! 



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