Making a Splash: The Best Water Toys for Dogs

Ever watch a dog go bonkers over a sprinkler? It's like watching pure joy in motion. Water toys for dogs are a great way to provide your pup with a physical workout and mental stimulation.

But have you ever wondered what toys dogs like best? I've spent countless sunny afternoons testing out all sorts of water toys with my own Cavoodle puppies. I've seen which ones they can't resist and those that don’t float their boat.

So get ready to dive into the world of water toys for dogs - from floating fetch toys to sprinklers and pools designed just for your four-legged mate! 

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The Joy of Water Play for Dogs

Just as kids love splashing about in the water, so do our four-legged mates. There are heaps of benefits to water play for dogs.

Physical Health Benefits

Dogs of all ages need regular physical activity to stay healthy. However, certain forms of exercise can be demanding on their joints. 

Swimming is a low-impact activity that lets your dog work out without straining their body too much. It helps improve cardiovascular fitness while also building strength and managing their weight.

Playing with water toys helps encourage your dog to swim for longer, therefore promoting beneficial exercise.

Mental Stimulation & Bonding Time

A tired dog is a happy dog. But we're not just talking physically here - mental stimulation is important too.

New experiences get those canine neurons firing away like crazy; something as simple as chasing after water toys, diving underwater or playing fetch in the pool will give your fur baby loads more stimuli than an ordinary walk around the block.

Sharing new experiences also strengthens bonds between pet owners and their pets.

Safety Considerations During Water Play

Remember, safety comes first. Put these precautions in place when playing with your dog around water:

  • Always supervise your dogs when they’re in the water, even if they’re confident swimmers.
  • If it's their first time, let them take things slow and easy – never force a scared dog into the water.
  • Make sure there are no strong currents if your dog is swimming in a river or beach.
Safety Considerations During Water Play

Different Types of Water Toys for Dogs

Dog toys are more than just a source of entertainment. They're tools that can help keep your dog's body and mind active, especially when they involve water play.

Floating Fetch Toys

For the fetch-loving pups out there, floating dog fetch toys make a great choice. These beach essentials float on top of the water surface making it easy for dogs to spot and retrieve them when swimming.

Dog friendly plush toys are not recommended for water play as they can be difficult to dry, causing bacteria to grow inside them.


If you've got a playful pooch who loves darting around in the backyard, sprinkler toys could be just what you need. Sprinkler toys shower jets of water which dogs love chasing after - not only does this provide physical exercise but also cools them down in hot weather.


A simple paddling pool can work wonders as a water toy. It lets your dog splash about happily whilst cooling off on warm days. 

Different Types of Water Toys for Dogs

Top 5 Water Toys for Dogs at Zach's Pet Shop

With the vast selection of water toys available, we've chosen our top five favourites to ensure your dog stays cool, fit and entertained during summer.

1. Sprinkler Fun Mat - All For Paws Chill Out

Are you looking for a way to cool your dog down in summer and provide valuable canine enrichment? The Sprinkler Fun Mat connects to a garden hose, spraying water into the air for your dog to run through. It is easy to set up (no inflation required) and has a non-slip base.

Sprinkler Fun Mat - All For Paws Chill Out

2. Watermelon Slice - All For Paws Chill Out

Thirst toys are interactive toys you soak in water. When your dog plays with them, water is dispensed to create a fun splash. If your dog likes chew toys, the Watermelon Slice thirst toy is a great way to introduce them to water play.

Watermelon Slice Dog Water toys

3. Strawberry Ice Cream - All For Paws Chill Out

The Strawberry Ice Cream is a clever thirst toy that dispenses water as your dog chews. This cute design not only provides fun but also hydration on hot days.

Strawberry Ice Cream - All For Paws Chill Out

4. Splash and Fun Dog Pool - All For Paws Chill Out

Dog pools are great boredom busters for energetic dogs on hot days. The Splash and Fun Dog Pool is easy to unpack and set up with no inflation required.

Splash and Fun Dog Pool - All For Paws Chill Out

5. X-Bounce Ball - All For Paws Meta Ball

If your dog's loves to play fetch, the X-Bounce Ball with squeaker is a great way to introduce them to the water. The ball floats and is brightly coloured so you won't lose it at the beach. 

X-Bounce Ball - All For Paws Meta Ball

Maintaining and Cleaning Your Dog's Water Toys

Keeping your dog's water toys clean is not just about prolonging their lifespan, but it’s also vital for the health of your furry friend. Here are some hints to help keep your pup's aquatic toys in excellent condition.

Scheduling Regular Cleanings

Allowing dog toys to stay wet and dirty can lead to bacteria growing over time and could lead to your dog getting sick. Immediately after playtime, rinse off any visible dirt and dry thoroughly.

Perform a thorough clean once every week or two, depending on how often the toy is used.

If your dog seems to have lost interest in their water toys, it could be because they're dirty. A good scrub can rekindle that love for splashy fun.

Cleaning Techniques

The method you choose to clean your pet's chew toys depends on what they're made from. Some materials may only need a quick scrub under warm soapy water while others might benefit more from soaking.

A good old-fashioned mixture of vinegar and baking soda works wonders to clean non-porous dog toys and won't harm pets if ingested in small amounts.


Ian's Tip:

Introduce dog water play wisely. Start with 1-2 weekly sessions, taking into account individual preferences and comfort levels. Tailor session durations based on age and energy levels, offering 15-30 minutes of water play at a time.

Cleaning Techniques

Ian's Wrap

Water toys for dogs offer multiple benefits, from enhancing physical health and mental stimulation to strengthening the bond between you and your furry friend.

With safety considerations in mind, you can explore a range of interactive play water toys to keep your dog entertained in summer.

Discover our top water dog toys at Zach's Pet Shop, designed to keep your dog cool, fit and happy. We offer flat rate shipping Australia wide, ensuring your dog's happiness is only a click away.



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