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Cat litter-robots in Australia are a must-have, especially if you’re someone who owns a lot of cats.

It’s an asset that makes your life as a cat parent much more manageable by doing the work for you.

But, considering the usual market price for these products, are they really worth buying?

Well, before deciding anything, let’s talk more about what cat litter robots actually are.

What are cat litter robot machines?

As their name implies, cat litter robot machines are automatic cat litter boxes. You no longer have to constantly clean the box with them as the machine will automatically do it for you.

They’re not only made to ease your workload, but with the right model, they can also help regulate the odour of your furbaby’s mess.

With a regular cat litter box, you will have to constantly check for waste to prevent them from staying there for a long time and contaminating the whole room.

Your cat could also get dirty from using an unsanitary litter box over and over again.

But, with a cat litter robot machine, you can rest easy and let the machine do its thing. The device will ensure that it will clean itself after every time your precious feline uses it.

5 things that make cat litter robot machines in Australia worth it

photo of a cat inside a litter box

1) A cat-litter robot in Australia cleans itself thoroughly.

Cat litter robot machines have a sophisticated automatic sifting function to separate the waste from the litter properly.

There are even models that would make sure to get those sticky gunks that feel too icky to remove yourself.

Long gone are the hassle days where you have to clean your cat’s litter box every single day.

2) A Cat Litter-Robot 3 encourages litter box usage for cats.

Aside from the length of sleep they get every day, cats are well-known for caring a lot about how clean they are.

In fact, it’s normal to see your adorable felines lick themselves as they try to keep their bodies clean.

This is why a litter box that is always clean and fresh is a godsend for them.
These litterboxes ensure that every time they use the machine, it’s well up to their sanitary standards.

And if it’s that enticing, your cat will surely use it whenever they have to answer the call of nature.

3) Cat litter robots reduce odour effectively.

As a cat litter robot 3 in Australia self-cleans, it stores all of your feline’s waste in a safe and secure compartment.

This way, you can rest assured that your cat is using a clean litter. It also ensures that the bad smell won’t be an inconvenience.

More than that, you can rest easy that your cat’s waste won’t attract harmful pests since the smell is, at the very least, minimized.

4) You can save money on cat litter.

While it’s true that a cat litter robot machine costs more than the traditional one, you can also save more money in the long run.

Self-cleaning cat litter is generally designed to make the best out of your cat litter without wasting the unused ones.

This lessens the need to buy more cat litter, which also means lesser trips to the pet store.

5) Cat litter robot machines make weekend getaways a breeze.

Another reason why you should get a cat litter robot machine is the leeway and peace of mind it gives you.

If you ever plan to travel for a few days and decide to leave your precious feline at home, you won’t worry much about the place being littered with cat waste.

These machines make sure that they clean themselves in your stead. They save you the trouble of worrying whether your quirky cats at home have painted your floor with their waste-filled artistic paws.

2 best cat litter robot machines that will save you time

1) Cat Litter-Robot 3 (Open Air)

This automatic Cat Litter-Robot 3 Open Air is a completely reimagined model that makes you say goodbye to scooping forever.

Engineered to make your life as a cat parent more convenient, this cat-litter robot machine provides an extra spacious litter chamber for bigger felines’ greater comfort.

It also comes with an automatic night light feature to help senior cats when they use it at nighttime.

Just make sure that before you introduce this cat litter robot in Australia to your feline, you already have them using clay clumping litter manually.

2) Cat Litter-Robot 3 Connect in Australia

Another cat-litter robot machine, the Litter-Robot III Connect is a self-cleaning litter box for cats.

It comes with a Connect app that allows you to troubleshoot and see its complete usage history to get insights into your cats’ health.

The good news is that the app is compatible with Apple mobile devices with iOS 9.0 or above or Android mobile devices 6.0 or greater.

You also never have to scoop again since it has a patented sifting process that automatically separates the waste from the litter.

It also deposits the clumps into a waste drawer, so you can quickly dispose of them.

In the end

photo of a cat inside a litter box

What makes cat litter robots really worth it is the ease they provide for you and your furbabies.

They clean themselves without your supervision and make sure that your adorable felines don’t make a huge mess by securely storing their waste products until garbage day.

This efficiency and convenience that they provide undoubtedly make them a must-have

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