Which difficulty level should I choose for my pet?

  • Think about crossword puzzles for us humans, we need to start on an easier one to understand the concept.
  • Step by step as we understand the puzzle concept we can advance to more difficult versions.
  • If we start too difficult, we will be frustrated and give up.
  • A pet who doesn't understand how a puzzle works, may become destructive towards the puzzle.
  • Their instinct may make them start chewing their way into the treats, instead of working for them.
  • If we don't teach them the playing rules and how the puzzle works their chewing instincts may kick in.
  • You will need patience to teach them how to solve the puzzle.


Levels of Difficulty Explained

  • Level 1 (Easy)
    • Suits beginners, cats, puppies or dogs who have never played with a stimulating puzzle before.
    • A great starting place If you are unsure if your pet will like puzzle solving for treats.
    • Perfect as slow feeders for dogs.
  • Level 2 (Intermediate)
    • Suits most dogs & cats of all ages, breeds and sizes.
    • If you have a working breed dog then this is a great place to start.
  • Level 3 (Advanced)
    • When your pet has mastered level 2 puzzles, move up to a more advanced & challenging puzzle.
    • Generally there are no removable parts which really increases the challenge.
  • Level 4 (Expert)
    • When your pet has mastered level 3 puzzles.
    • These puzzles are reserved for the best of the best.
    • Well trained dogs will really enjoy the challenges of a level 4 puzzle.


Important Note:

  • The information contained in this description are just general suggestions to help guide you and get you get started.
  • Puzzles are suitable for most dogs/cats in these categories.
  • Always remember not all dogs/cats are the same, some may relish the challenge of a puzzle toy yet some may be simply disinterested in solving puzzles for treats.
  • We recommend supervision of your pet with the puzzle at all times.


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