As part of the process when buying a Litter-Robot you will be sent a series of emails designed to inform you and assist you in your journey to a "Scoop Free" life.

Below is the content from the third email that is sent. 

Delivery Imminent

It is almost Delivery Day; you should have received your tracking information by now (if not it shouldn’t be too far away).

We just wanted to recap on some of the things you should be thinking about prior to the arrival of your Litter Robot.


Unpack: With your cats around so they can poke and sniff - Our product tester, Shadow, was very interested in the new item in the home. We unpacked in the lounge where he usually plays and set it up with no litter and not plugged in so he had some time to wander around and investigate. We also did the first cycle (without litter) before moving it, so he could watch.


Location: If possible, put it where the litter tray was, and move the litter tray nearby until changed over. We stopped scooping the old litter tray on day 2, and by day 4, Shadow was transitioned after we removed the old (uncleaned) tray. This will vary cat to cat of course, with some cats needing a more gradual introduction. As you know your cat/s, introduce different things slowly to suit, knowing most cats don’t like changes and take some time to adapt.


Litter: Use the litter your cat is used to, remembering it needs to be clumping. If your cat is not currently using clumping litter, you will need to transition this as well. Note also rice, wood and paper based are generally too light for the Robot to operate properly. Clay based clumping litter works best. Fill to just under the fill line in the globe liner, as less is better than more (it will cycle the extra away on first turning on).


Leave it off to start with: so your cat can check it out with nothing changing. You can manually cycle when ready or if used. Shadow was very interested when the first cycle he saw occurred (he still checks it out!). If you have a kitten or cat that is lighter than 2.25 kg, you will need to manually cycle until your cat grows up, as while there is no maximum weight, the cat sensor does need a minimum to activate.


Support & Assistance

Should you need any support or assistance the team at Zach’s Pet Shop are here to help, we also have a friendly team through the manufacturer that can help with those complex issues. Rest assured we will be here every step of the way.


Please familiarise yourself with the below materials to assist you in any troubleshooting that may need to occur.

Litter-Robot III Quick Start Guide  
Litter Robot III Quick Reference Guide 
Litter-Robot III Instruction Manual
Litter-Robot Connect App
Litter-Robot Help Portal


Not Cycling?

As a few of our customers have noted they need to reset the cat sensor after putting in the litter, please review the quick reference guide that came in the box (its very helpful).

When the Litter Robot is on, and has litter added, and a solid blue light is showing, just push the RESET button once, to ensure the sensor is adjusted. This may help with initial cycling.

If still having problems give us a call 07 3154 6464, we are always happy to help.


Share your Experience

We would love feedback on your experiences with delivery, unboxing and progress on getting your cats introduced to the new litter box buddy. Feel free to post reviews on the website, facebook, or email if you need any assistance. And pics and vids are great too!


On your way to a no more scooping lifestyle !!


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