As part of the process when buying a Litter-Robot you will be sent a series of emails designed to inform you and assist you in your journey to a "Scoop Free" life.

Below is the content from the fourth email that is sent. 

Can We Help?

Just touching base to see if your cats are now starting to use the Litter-Robot? Some of our new cats have jumped right into their automatic cleaning lifestyle, so if you are already transitioning, you will need to consider the waste drawer empty schedule.


Let us know if there is anything we can assist with to help you and your kitty settle in with the litter robot. 


Here are the troubleshooting guides just in case you need them.

Litter-Robot III Quick Start Guide  
Litter Robot III Quick Reference Guide 
Litter-Robot III Instruction Manual
Litter-Robot Connect App
Litter-Robot Help Portal


Taking out the trash

Now that you have had some time with the litter robot it’s time to start thinking about when you should empty the waste drawer.

With one cat, we remove the bag with deposits from the drawer on a weekly basis, coinciding with the weekly rubbish collection. However if you have more cats then you will need to empty the drawer more frequently.

Check out the excellent infographic from the Litter-Robot manufacturer that shows how often you should be emptying the waste drawer here.


If you are happy with the Litter-Robot bags supplied, designed for biodegradability and economy, you can order them here 

If you prefer to use extra-large kitchen bags, I have utilised MULTIX extra-large kitchen tidy bags, 82cmx64cm/50 Ltr (the opening size rather than volume is needed to fit the tray), purchased at Woolworths or Coles, or similar.

You can also purchase thin but budget friendly ones from Aldi, as Large kitchen tidy liners. Opening/size is key.


I have also noticed that the Litter-Robot is a little left-handed, in that the roll to open deposits more heavily in the left side of the tray. If you wish to extend use between changes, you can even it up a little and get some more time. The fill light will indicate need to change.

Do note that if you get deposit on the drawer full sensor cover (usually by leaving emptying a little long), it’s easy to gently wipe off, being careful of the electronic panel behind the clear shield.


We trust that this information helps you on your journey of living a scoop free life.

There are a number of accessories that are available such as a ramp and also cleaning sprays, you can find the full range here 

As always if there is anything we can do to help please let us know.


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