Our New Home - Zach’s Pet Shop

Welcome home to the new look Zach’s Pet Shop


The team at Zach’s have been working hard behind the scenes to bring a better user experience to all of our customers! The first step was changing the back end software that we have full end to end control over our stock and warehouses. We also enabled direct integrations into our shipping partners.


This means when you place an order with Zach’s the time it takes us to get the order picked, packed and shipped will be drastically improved over the coming months, we will have better control over showing you what is in stock and in some cases the quantity of stock available.


On Monday we communicated that phase 2 of our changes was our new look website, we are proud to say this change went through without a hitch and we only experienced an outage of 2 hours. We believe this will provide our customers with a more an enhanced shopping experience.


Below is a list of some of the new changes;

  • Redesigned customer account functionality,
    • Customers can now manage all of contact their details.
    • View past orders and retrieve invoices.
    • Submit disputes for returns or refunds.
    • View and pay outstanding invoices.
    • Submit requests for quotations or large quantity or bulk orders.
    • View & Track orders direct from our website.
  • Customer Wishlist’s
    • You will be able to create, save and share “Wishlist’s” of products, this is a great option for if you find a product but are not ready to purchase that day.


Like with anything new there will be some small teething issues that will need to be ironed out overtime, but the good news is things will improve as each day goes by. What this means for our customers is that each time you shop at Zach’s you will always be able to find and buy what you need.


Whats in store for the future?


Within the next two weeks we will grow our product range by another 1,500 products, by the end of March you will see our product range grow to over 4,000 products. You will see the biggest changes within our food ranges and see our cat products double in the range we offer.


By June 2019 we will launch our product bundles, this is exciting because we will be able to offer some really great deals by working with our suppliers to bundle products together and be able to offer multiple quantites of products at a competitive price.


We have a few more exiting things to show you in the near future but are keeping them under our hat for now.


Zach’s Pet Shop is still the only Pet supplies company in Australia that offers Free Shipping off our entire range, we remain committed to providing you with great products at great prices shipped free to your door in the quickest possible timeframe.


We hope that you like our new home, if you have any feedback we always welcome it, the only way we can improve is by listening to you our customers


Lastly thanks for reading here is a 10% OFF code to stock up on your favourite items, use NEWHOME at the checkout valid until 10 March 2019




Zach & The Team


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