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If you’re a Jewish dog parent, you know that Hanukkah dog toys are one of the staple gifts that would light up your pup’s day.

This eight-day-and-night celebration commemorates the second century B.C. rededication of the Second Temple of Jerusalem. It’s also an event where you can enjoy the company of your family.

And, of course, that includes your pet dogs.

To help you celebrate, here’s a list of the best Hanukkah gifts you could give your dog or any dog parent you know during this memorable holiday.

1. Zippy Paws Hanukkah Burrow – Dreidel

Zippy Paws Hanukkah Burrow - Star of David

The Dreidel has a very interesting concept as a Hanukkah toy since it takes advantage of the burrowing instinct of dogs.

The toy has two parts: the fluffy burrow and the squeaky critters.

Simply put the critters deep into the burrow and pass it to your dog.

Your dog, in turn, will have fun digging out the critters and playing with them when they do dig them out.

It’s really fun watching your dog happily wag his tail as he tries to dig out the critters with much enthusiasm.

It’s like watching them try catching moles in the backyard with much gusto.

2. Zippy Paws Hanukkah Burrow – Star of David

Zippy Paws Hanukkah Burrow - Star of David

This Hanukkah dog toy works similar to the previous one, but it uses the Star of David as an on-theme design.

The fluffy burrow is a hexagon with the Star of David at the centre, while the squeaky “critters” are cute, smiling stars.

Nothing says Hanukkah more than this high-quality and unique Jewish dog toy.

3. Zippy Paws Hanukkah – 8 Nights of Hanukkah Box

Zippy Paws Hanukkah - 8 Nights of Hanukkah Box

If your dog is more of a plush toy player, then this is the best Hanukkah gift for them.

Your furbaby won’t only have one or two, but eight unique Hanukkah-themed plush toys for the eight-day holiday.

This way, your pup can enjoy a different plushie every single Hanukkah day, which will definitely keep them busy.

4. Zippy Paws Hanukkah—Menorah

Zippy Paws Hanukkah - Menora

Let your four-legged friend enjoy Hanukkah with this Menorah-themed squeaky stuffed toy.

The embroidered Menorah design makes sure that the pattern won’t come off as your pup enjoys chewing the toy.

The installed squeakers inside would also make sure that your doggo will have the best time of their life as they continue to chew.

5. Zippy Paws Hanukkah – Donutz

Zippy Paws Hanukkah Donutz

If your Fido loves donuts, then they will surely love this Hanukkah dog toy.

It doesn’t only have two squeakers installed inside for maximum festive fun, but it’s also stuffing-free.

This way, your doggo can enjoy chewing the toy as much as they want without worrying about choking from stuffings.

Worry not, though, since the material of this Jewish dog toy is still soft and plush for gentle play.

6. Zippy Paws Hanukkah – Rope Tugz Bear

Zippy Paws Hanukkah RopeTugz - Bear

Enjoy the Hanukkah festivities with your adorable furbaby with this extra-tough rope toy.

While it initially serves as a tugging toy you and your dog can enjoy together, it also serves as a cuddly, Hanukkah-themed bear for your pup’s comfort.

It even has a squeaker installed to really keep your Fido going for hours.

7. Zippy Paws Hanukkah - Jigglerz Blue Bear

Zippy Paws Hanukkah Jigglerz - Blue Bear

If your pup loves squeakers so much, then this is the best Hanukkah gift for them.

Besides squeaking whenever it’s shaken, there are also crinkle papers installed for that extra noise that will get your doggo excited.

You also won’t worry about the durability of this Hanukkah-themed dog gift since it has a layer of tough cross-stitched Cordura material.

This way, you can rest assured that your Hanukkah dog toy will last for some time and that your dog can really enjoy it as much as they want.

8. Shalom Star of David

Shalom Star of David

Celebrate the Hanukkah season with a happy and enthusiastic pup that will keep your visitors festive throughout their stay.

The Star of David plushie will make sure that will happen with its squeaky features that will keep your pup’s holiday spirit up all the time.

This Jewish dog toy is also made out of strong Oxford material. So, it’s super durable and will endure your furbaby’s most vigorous chews for their long-term enjoyment.

9. Chanukah Dog Bone  Chanukah Dog Bone

If you’re looking for a simpler Hanukkah dog toy, though, then you can’t go wrong with the Chanukah Dog Bone.

Considering that dog bones are a staple toy for adorable pups like yours, then this chew toy could not only be more fit as the best Hanukkah gift.

Its design also screams of Hanukkah with its Happy Hanukkah greetings, as well as other on-theme designs like the Menorah and Dreidels. So, you won’t have to worry about it not being suitable for the holiday.


These are the top nine Hanukkah dog toys you can give to your precious pup during this holiday.

If not your doggo, you might know another pet parent in your circle who has a dog that would definitely enjoy these unique playthings.

Always remember, though, that more than the best gifts for Hanukkah, spending quality time with your four-legged companion will always make them smile.

So, stay safe and Happy Hanukkah!

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